Gold Chests: Drop Limits

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I know we’ve talked about this a lot over the past two years, but it’s getting rediculous. There have been posts on this on the old forums to boot, and some on the new forums as well (but I think they are either closed or a completely different suggestion based on my use of the much neglected search button), so this is my take.

If a player has more than X of item Y, Gold Chests stop dropping item Y until player has less than X.

This should apply to multiple items including but not limited to the following: Ice Shards, Fire Shards, Black Pearls, Healing Potions, Tower Attack & HP boosts, Dragon Attack & HP Boosts. I’m talking about making the code work for an excessive number of these items, so that new players or players who need these items aren’t punished either. When we had valors, the gold chests were programed NOT to drop the legendary ones if we already had one in our inventory. Thus we know that code exists.

And I know people have a lot more than me out there too. It’s getting excessive.


I second this. If I see one more tower HP boost I’m going to throw my phone out the window.


Agreed. Wish I could open a few more accounts so I could like this more times. :joy::joy::joy:

@PGCrisis @PGJared can you imagine how it feels to get a bonus legendary gold chest and it turns out be a tower boost??!? It’s infuriating. It’s doesn’t feel like bad luck. It honestly feels like a big FU from PG. I hear that from my teammates all the time. Everybody I know has hundreds if not thousands of those.


I’m 1000% sure they do this intentionally so don’t see any changes coming here haha


I love the idea and hope something can be done about this but I’m afraid Panda is correct.



<3 Love you Red!

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It’s beyond absurd, I can boost my base for the next 3 years and I have enough fire and ice shards to get max number of each and this stuff keeps dropping. I was disappointed but not surprised that fire flaks took elemental embers instead of finally providing a use for the stupid fire shards, and I’m sure the same for ice shards. Please do something about this ludicrous state of affairs.

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And I’m in the 10k range for tower boosts… i thought PG was just telling my base sucked or something! But in all seriousness I cannot back this enough!!! If this were to happen then individuals would be able to progress at a steadier, FASTER rate.

I really like this idea, and I’ll be drawing it out more if i have the time. Great work red!

I completely agree and want this as well!!!

Intentional or not, it doesn’t mean we are ok with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

After reading this expect an increase in shards and a decrease in clocks and tokens


Dammit @RedRaidingHood… Give me some of your heals pls. I’ve dropped before 2 digits of heals and below 1 digit last week (last week was the record of low in heals for me)


Now, I’m curious if those 500+ bases have 1M in some resources… :rofl:

It definitely would be nice to see, though.

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This would be absolutely fantastic. Even slight differences hit a nerve with me already… I can’t imagine continuing on like this, because it’ll only get worse as I hit higher levels XD

This is a D1 problem. :roll_eyes:

I think chest drops should be kept as is, except that wood and food drops should not be considered epic or legendary - they are equivalent to a single heal potion in value since you can go raid the same amount of food/wood for the cost of a single heal potion. Only common drops should have a chance of containing wood/food.

However, It would be wise to have some mechanism by which excess amounts of anything that a player ends up having could be recycled into rubies (which in turn could be spent on something you actually need). Once upon a time there was talk of a recycling center or something like that. Whatever happened to that?

First of all I’m not in D1, and I’m 100% sure this is a problem in at least Sapphire too. How would my proposal harm you? If you need them, they’d drop. If you don’t, they wouldn’t.

Next, I don’t mind having the big wood drops for fortification. Building is hard at higher levels because hunting gets more difficult.

Salvage shop was taken away because hackers were using it, though it was all but useless anyway.


Never saw the salvage shop. It was one of those things that big players got to play with first. I guess it will never make it to my level sounds like.

Hackers using it is a solvable problem. Salvage shop was always a good idea. Sounds like it suffered from a crappy implementation (both at the design and programmatic levels). They should bring it back with a better implementation.

Actually, my top 3 accounts didn’t have Salvage shop, and my inactive alt did. The salvage shop wasn’t given to high levels, it was so completely random.

Hackers is a solvable problem? Have you been playing the same game as me?!


“This is a D1 problem” :joy::rofl: That is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Thank you for that. (wipes eyes)
I have accounts in platinum and sapphire, as well as diamond. They may not have stockpiled boosts in the thousands, but that doesn’t mean that they want legendary gold chests with tower boosts in them. lol
Personally, I would have loved to have seen this implemented a year ago and I’ve only been playing a year and a half.
Red’s plan makes a ton of sense. It makes it so that people only get items they need. What could be wrong with that?