Gold chests glitch in fortification event

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For the event this far I have opened a bunch of gold chest I got from season prizes plus 10x with rubies but now I have chests left and rubies but I keep getting this error. I have reloaded the game multiple times and it has not fixed it. My progress has been hauled in the event because I can’t open my chests I earned to get resources so I can progress. Please look into this. I already submitted an in game ticket.

You claimed event rewards and opened chests to quickly.
The server needs time to validate.
This is a personal issue which will be addressed in a Ticket.
This is not a Game Bug which requires the attention to the Devs who are busy with the Atlas Seasons launch.


Yups, after claim Chest from achievement the games need to restart or reopen tabs event

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Well I opened up 31 chest from rewards and sigil tree and I got absolutely no timers that I won or anything else. This has delayed my progress for me and my team.

This would be all well and good if I was not stuck with this for almost 2 hours now. And nothing resolving it. Reloading did nothing. Ticket has not been replied to. And no proper answer on forum this far that resolves this prolonged issue. I’m looking for assistance to resolve it where ever and from whomever I can get it. If this is indeed a personal issue it should not take so long to get it fixed. I still can’t open chests or use rubies.

Not true, I did all of the opening 15 minutes after event launched and I have uninstalled and reinstalled, closed out logged back in several times and nothing. I got nothing. I wrote pg a bunch of times and no response. I’m highly irritated

Writing on a ticket drops it to the bottom of the support queue fyi


Am I the only one wondering why a 220 has a Ballista?



Now we must know what level it is

They didn’t read the loading screen tips. You need to poison them early for the full effect.


This is just one of a couple things PG broke this event and they do not seem to feel compelled to fix any of it quickly. At least they are not communicating any such importance to rectifying the issues…

So aim at the eggs.

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Havent you realised PG dont care about issues I have submitted a ton of bugs / glitches and have yet to have ACTUALLY been answered. As long as they have atlas and players keep pouring money into the game , why would they give a dam ??
The amount of sync errors I have had this event is stupid. Even LOST an xp scroll because of it.

It’s better at the end of the base.

That way if a dragon gets all the way through the base, ballista will poison them at the very end so they go home, get sick & die!

If your lucky & it’s during breeding sometimes the poison will reach their offspring & kill that bastard before it even enters its first battle!

I’m guessing you didn’t know about this strategy?


Nahh, I heard that ballista poison only gives them a light diarrhea

So the best placement is obviously right beside the castle :see_no_evil:

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Lmao. Mage drain island? Nope. Poison island is the new OP base strategy. Need to nerf ballista. So strong, especially on invader bases.

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