Gold chests - no more shards?

I just opened 150 gold chests. I didn’t find a single shard (thank god), got a few thousand pearls, and have more pvp stuff, timers and sigils than I thought possible. Anyone else notice a difference, or did I just get INSANELY lucky?

opened only 100. no shards in there aswell.

check this one out, and you can use the search bar in the future :slight_smile:

Edit: better drops these days…

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opened 100 gold chest to check it out and yes, no ice/fire shard and elemental ember.

Black pearls are inside the drop table.

got about 2.3k sigils from those 100 gold chest

It will tell you at the top of the armory page what’s available in gold chests…no ice or fire this event. Hopefully they’ll continue this trend, but I doubt it. Conquer is the only other event I know of that doesn’t give bucket loads of ice and fire shards.

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Shhhhh don’t tell them! This was probably an accident and they will now add them back :unamused:


Thanks for the replies!

Dammit I should’ve known earlier

I was thinking the same thing :rofl::rofl:

Now they know we are aware they could change them back to shit and ppl would think oh must have just got some bad ones or the good drops could be a broken system? :grimacing:

Some things are better left not talked about :shushing_face:

I highly doubt they were unaware of this, and will now yank the drops out from under us now that a few forum posts have been made.

Yes, nobody wants more shards please !

My alt account would disagree with you… but this account has more than enough shards :laughing:

Be careful what you ask for peeps. Look at this thread:

Hah, yeah. I wrote in that thread too.

I’m not advocating they do away with shard drops altogether. If they rotated shards and pearls more often, or perhaps lessened the shards in favor of more egg tokens, I’d be thrilled.

The chest drops ought to be balanced with player need. Will I use all my shards eventually? Yes. Do I need pearls, timers and tokens more right now? YES.

Oh believe me, I was around when taking food and wood out of packs was requested. But as the proud owner of 220k each fire and ice shards…I’d be really happy if they took them out. Or put them in fort events, like wood packs…or gave us a choice of prizes/chests. I like the idea of chests being like packs…say… gold chests 1 have building stuff (shards, pearls etc), gold chests 2 have pvp stuff (energy, if, siege weapons etc) for the booby prizes (right now I’d call them shards, dragon and tower boosts etc) I’d be happy to see more spells or resists added instead…something with variety. Chest contents basically haven’t changed in 4 seasons. They used to change every few weeks😅

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