Gold chests or tokens

So I Am looking to breed hauheset this event and need as many tokens as I can.

Right now I have a choice to claim either 6k tokens or 19 gold chests. I know it’s luck based on such a small sample but do we think I’ll get more breeding token/frag value from the 19 golds or should I go straight for the tokens?


With gold chests, you could also get no tokens/mystic frags. It depends on your risk tolerance, as it’s all RNG. If the 19 gold chests also mean a bonus chest, I’d probably go with that just to see, as 6k tokens is grindable too.

I’d go for the chests, iirc 19 chests is about 4.5k tokens in breeding, along with 18 days of timers and other stuff.

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I do have rubies to grind out the shortfall but looking at the feeding rates (all I have to go off right now) it’s less than 1/10 for any token drop. I can imagine it goes up a fair bit but I’d be banking on a 3k token drop or a tonne of mystic frags. I am torn

Looked it up for you, historically the egg token drops are 259 per chests during breeding, so 19 chests are equivalent to nearly 5k tokens. As well as (average) 16 days of speedups, 4 mystic frags, 400 sigils and some lesser stuff.

Of course you will never get the exact average, but tokens are a long term game anyway, and in the long term it will average out to this. If you really really need those 6k for the next breeding event it might be better to take them, but if you’re looking long term the chests are way better.

As a F2P, I think gold chests are better.
Probably different from elite egg machine (elite grinder with breeding / token boost, supported with superior dragon such as lv 1 Ember).


I really appreciate this! Thank you for taking the time to do this.

It seems like it’s pretty unanimous that the risk is likely worth taking.

Thanks everyone for giving me your opinions. And wish me luck! In before it’s all dragon boosts.

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