Gold chests stuck in old event

I just opened up 10 gold chests and received legendary items that all pertained to king of the hill event which is no longer in place. I have no use for the wood barricades. Please refund my chests**


Did you stop to think that we’re still on the KOTH event?
If you really want to see if you can get them back, put in a ticket, but I would be shocked if they did :man_shrugging:t3:


Was just about to post that i have a team mate with the same issue. Then I noticed that you ARE the teammate :slight_smile:



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I made the same mistake with the free chest from the apology gift. Laughed at myself for doing something silly and my terrific luck at getting the one useless prize. Not going to ask for a replacement, though I might feel differently if it wasn’t a single free chest.

If you open chests when an event is not active you will ge stuff for the previous event. Anyway didn’t PG mention something about giving us stuff for whatever KoTH stuff we had left?

Not the baricades though.

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Rams will be converted to energy packs. Barricades are officially useless.

I didn’t remember the details thanks for the correction

Barricades get squat.

The worst part for Slaher is that he got 3 Legendary drops which were all for things he can’t currently use.

I doubt there was any thinking involved


42 Energy Packs. You’re gonna do great in the next Main Event :slight_smile:


Auto-Pilot does a lot of driving in this game.

Do we have to do anything to convert these?

No, pg will do it automatically prior to next pvp event

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