Gold Chests Suck


From 90 gold chests got about 700 sigils for this grogg sale plenty of useless food and xp potions thanks a lot for the grogg sale PG what a waste much appreciated. I assume compensation is in order for us that didn’t start grogg out of sale since this is the first time a rider has been on sale or whatever the logic was before Ridiculous. Thank goodness I have these xp potions and food packs not like I can’t just heal my dragon and run the base again what a pile of garbage gold chests are now. First and last time buying em.


Edit: Sorry was just really mad as an only elite account spender, I’m sure I’ll get ripped for this but it is what it is.


there’s a lot of luck involved with opening gold chests some events are better to open them than others. feeding and fortification events are among the worst to do it


Gold chests have been worthless for a long time now but I would agree that this event they are even worse then normal.


Agree all sort of craps, increase more on legendary and sigils


Same, opened 30 gold chests and got 125sigils.
Just terrible!


Usually my policy is to never open during anything other than combat events, at least I can use inner fires an energy. But they made Grogg half off, so I opened now and last week during breed. and my god…awful


I just hate the different between legendary drop and epic drop, it too different ,epic drop is suck, look at element shard epic drop 125 meanwhile legendary drop 1000, it’s just an example. Legendary is just higher than epic one tier why the different is too much, epic drop should be a haft of legendary drop.


Yeah that is always a bummer. Doesn’t make since for contents in the most “valuable” chest. And tower HP/ATK boosts…I’m just so mad at myself for knowing how awful it’d be and just doing it anyways.


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