Gold Drops for final Event of Wintertide

Here’s what I’m calling on Gold Drops (excluding bonus chest)

Lemme know how I do. :man_cartwheeling:

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Looks like Shards have been decreased and Embers have really been increased! I got 6,000 Embers on 10 golds and then another 4500 Embers on a different 10. Over 10k Embers off 20 golds :grin:

And I’ve only opened like 40-50! Haven’t gotten many Shards at all :grin:

I got a couple thousand EE too, and some shards. Nice to know that the shortage might be coming to an end, or at least beginning to. I opened about errr… thirty-five golds, I think :thinking:

Always open in sets of 10.

Never deviate from that for any chest type.


300 gold chests and 32k elemental embers. This is a number i used to only dream of.

I was 1k off… Did you get some in a bonus chest?

Nbd if you don’t remember.

Oh, yeah, I did only do tens, so it was probably around forty + a bonus chest or two. I can’t count lol

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You’re right i didnt keep track :see_no_evil: Elemental drops have only increased since last fortification, so id think data might be a little fresh for even smaller difference. It’s still amazingly accurate.

But your numbers are so close man, I’m gonna bug you in Spring season very soon if i may

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10 chests and i got 4.5k Embers (3 drops of 1.5) 225 sigils and 2 lots of Pearls (however this is good for me as i am still low on the perch)

Woo, that’s a nice one I’d say. Also, thanks for reminding me to upgrade my perch; just remembered I got enough black pearls earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to add these in; gold drops from my alt.
Edit: Opps you were doing predictions! Anyhow, if this helps anyone these are my drops.

@SavageAFforPG is there any easy overview what you get from a 10 chest pull that I don’t see? :sweat_smile:

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