Gold drops in bazaar etc

It seems like it would be beneficial to make the gold from the bazaar ( or whatever it will be) drop as a consumable like wood and food do. Those drops are essential for events like feeding and fort, and a gold consumable would help a great deal during atlas quests. Gold could also be added as a reward during events. A gold “boost” with some amount of protection would be great too.

While this will help all Atlas players, it would be most helpful to the thousands of homeless newbies that will soon be gaining access. As it is, I don’t think any of the folks in P1 have any idea just how hard they are going to get farmed, and with no team bank yet, their daily gold is going to be much, much lower.

Thx for reading.

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Honestly i kinda like it.

With only a few teams in Atlas right now being raided only gives a small chance your gold will be stolen. With more teams, more stealing is going to be going on so ways to instantaneously boost protection or add to your total to use it would be a great idea



hands @CBRubbedYoMom a tissue

I hastily posted “i proposed that already” before reading your whole post. I proposed the gold pack portion and PGDave or Echo (I don’t recall which) said it was interesting but not that important right now. I didn’t post the boost portion of what you said as such I changed my reply. My bad home skillet.

It’s all good. The timing might be better or more appropriate right now given the upcoming changes… gonna be a bloodbath… :see_no_evil:

Gold will be obtainable from a few other locations in the update, one of which is Dragon Rider missions.


Thx for the reply! Will it be in the form of a consumable, or does it automatically add to your total?

Add to your total for the time being.

Ok, thanks for clarifying. I hope in the future the possibility of a consumable can be explored. Especially for people on a landless team, or with limited access to banks, it seems important… but I also understand the need for balance here.

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