Gold Drops -- Make Your Own Predictions

Ok, my friends.

It’s still a work in progress, but the first two pages (for the current breeding event) show you where I’m heading with all of them. Despite the “in-progress” status, I’m comfortable that it is “right enough” that I can now release it publically. (No, for all you hackers, even if you managed to unlock it, the secret sauce isn’t in this file. Feel free to look though.) :stuck_out_tongue:

The sheet that deals just with Chests will give you better results on total loot, since I have included some of the key items from the Value Pack in the predicted loot portion equations.

I did make some big backend changes, which should speed this up a lot in the future, but if you notice any errors, please let me know.

Friendly Reminder that sample sizes under 130-150 are too small to even be close. Ideally, your sample should be 300+ (but you can collect from your whole team.

EDIT – removed link, need to fix things… Streamlining is great when it doesn’t break stuff. If you have Version 1.8, the chest sheet from previous breeding will work, since the drops did not change. The Packs sheet will not be correct, since the packs are different.

If you find it works well, please like the post and mark it helpful. :slight_smile:
I’m desperate for likes… Not really… But it’s good to know when you can help others out.

I am working on one from Bronze chests as well, and I know somebody said he had close to 1,000k silver chests… So, I will try to get to that one eventually.

Have a lovely day, night, afternoons.

Keep it real.


Thank you for sharing this :blush: Not that it’ll do me much good this season lol. I’m going to try seeing if I can manage to more or less take this season off and do the best I can in events without opening gold chests at all. And maybe not even bronze ones either.

Not even a 1% difference lol
Nice work, good stuff :+1:

The real test will be does it hold for everyone.

I’ll be happy with anything under 3% from samples of at least 300.

Also, it doesn’t include the bonus chest yet. I’m working on that.

If you cannot copy it and test it out, please let me know. I do not think the permissions will let you make any changes. but I’m not overly familiar with Google products.

Let me know if it doesn’t share right… Maybe @forScience can point me in the right direction. All her stuff works and is also pretty :smiley:

I am pulling it.

An error was pointed out to me that makes a big difference. I apologize.

It affects only the pack sheet, so the chest one is still good, if you already grabbed it.

I will post again tomorrow. (Thursday).

Sorry everyone. :cry:

I broke my own stuff. :man_facepalming:

I am working on it. :nerd_face:


On your google sheets link you can simply change the end extension from “/view” or “/edit=…” to “/copy” and it will force people to copy to use it :+1:


Let’s try again…

It’s an Excel file, so I can’t use Mech’s suggestion.
But I’ll try anyway…

If that does not work…
You’ll have to download it.


:face_with_monocle: characters

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