Gold egg missing - how to catch up

So I am missing one gold egg to upgrade my builder’s hut. I am currently about to breed Ferrox/Lumen from Bronze and Whalegnawer with the coming breeding event. After that, Consurgens and Ferrox to get Mune, first plat dragon.

Can I wait till breeding Mune (will it give me missing gold egg) or should I try to get it somehow with upcoming breeding event? Have 71k tokens, will use around 26k to get Ferrox.

Gold dragons owned: Bander, Caladbolg, Yersinu, Whalegnawer, Consurgens
Green: All but Serabis, Elixis, Karna, Carsis, Urd, Nix, Hugin
Orange and below, all.

Thanks in advance for help :slight_smile:

edit: im level 88, cant get den upgrade until level 90 and for that I need to increase tower cap

I would wait and breed your extra egg during this week’s breeding event.

But I am not sure which combination is the cheapest to give me missing gold egg :<

Only breed for those during the breeding event but do that when you are going for the high tier eggs. But if you have to, I would recommend Ith and Serabis. There might be a better one but that’s the one I use. Good Luck!

I believe Lumen is the cheapest gold egg. Just follow your regular breeding path and you will have extra gold eggs when you breed Mune.

An okay combo for Gold research egg is Whalegnawer and Ith for Lumen with the cost of 2022 tokens, according to Since you don’t have Lumen yet, it’ll cost you 4044 for that extra egg.

I’m actually in a situation very close to yours, missing one Gold egg for Builder’s Hut. The difference is that I don’t have Whale at breeding level because of the den cap (require lvl 84, while I’m at 77). Using Red’s best path at the moment. I’m debating now whether 20k tokens for an epic Gold egg to keep the kill island up-to-date is worth the hassle …

As @Elle said, although it does not show on Red’s best spreadsheet, when you breed Mune from Ferrox and Cons, you will get at least 12 extra gold eggs, as you have a 79% chance of a Ferrox fragment when breeding for Mune.

:sweat_smile: I wasted some tokens much earlier… (before 70) Spend some to get 10 eggs, and knew later that I just need 8…

just follow the breeding path and the eggs will appear

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