Gold Issues and suggestions


Wanted to bring up a few issues and suggestions concerning gold in Atlas.

  1. Lag in transfers from banks. I’ve tried to test different scenarios to see if some kind of re-sync can fix these (sending rss to the same bank, sending another transfer out of the bank, sending to different people etc) but seems to be random lag times on deliveries, from 0 mins to several hours.

  2. There seems to be a visual bug for gold after hitting a mine and if taxes are applied. Let’s say the mine says 100k to be received pre tax and the bank has a 20% tax rate. After the attack my storage displays 100k while actually only the correct amount of 80k if available to use. A full game reset solves this display issue, but is obviously not convenient and confuses some players.

  3. Gold taxes from poachers. From what I can tell, the gold isn’t currently taxed when hitting poachers. I think it should be.

  4. Gold for joining players on mine/poacher attacks. I think it would be a nice bonus for followers to receive a gold bonus similar to bonus resources they receive in regular attacks.


Good points. I really like the 4. idea, maybe this could apply to crafting shards aswell? But it would still be great if it only applied to gold :slight_smile:


For now, you get XP/medals when following – no plans to change this to include gold yet, but maybe we come back to it in the future. #3 is intentional for now too.

#1 – we’re working on some improvements to transfers now.

#3 – will look into this … definitely sounds bugged


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