Gold loot bug? Mechanics?

Okay seriously!
I have been playing this game for over 3 years now, went to bed last night and found out today 20mil gold was missing

-When did gold became lootable in this game?
-Who came actually up with the idea to include this for both atlas and non atlas battles?
-20million divided on a couple of battles is this true? I guess some guys were lucky!

are you sure you are playing this game for over 3 years?


In case you’ve missed envy’s meaning, gold is lootable from main game battles. Consider transferring your gold to your team’s bank (given you have one) if you have lots of gold and are logging off.


It has always been lootable - only those with Atlas can loot it though, so as others have said, put your gold in the bank if you don’t want to lose it

Edit: If you don’t have a bank, I recommend only doing runs for gold as you need them


In 2017 or so, when atlas was introduced?

Nobody? It’s only lootable outside of atlas on resource runs, just like lumber and food.

Probably, you can lose up to 1/3rd of your gold per run, and there is no protected amount.


Same sentiment here! Lolss This is the funniest thread / topic ever that I’ve read today!


Can you let me know when you have gold like this and going sleep? I’ll ensure it errrr stays safe


Send it to the bank next time :weary:

You went to bed with 20m gold on hand?!? Are you crazy?

Gold has always been lootable and has little if any protection in your storage hut. Use it or put it in the bank if you have castles. If you don’t have castles or the bank is full, only farm gold when you need it. Or send me your IGN and I’ll come visit tonight to make use of it (sorry I couldn’t help myself)

It’s generally accepted that if someone is holding tons of gold it’s okay to hit again to take more.

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Ok correction!
Why is gold not always looted from the storage hut?
Why can wood/lumber be protected and not gold?
Is the gold looted the total amount divided by some number?

Sorry for the weird questions but this is just one of those additional cases when things are just stupid!

if you have 9m and get attacked, you will lose 3m and keep the 6m
if you get attacked again, you will lose 2m and keep 4m
if you get attacked again you will …

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So 1/3 per time…?

we have a winner :partying_face:

It also depends on a level of attacker. If they are seriously higher than you, then they won’t steal much if anything. I don’t even try banking anything if someone at least 50 lvls higher attacking me. But much lower level players can get up to max possible steal.
I do get 10M occasionally :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

It is generally not advised to keep gold during breeding and especially fortification because of rss raids.

ouch! I must admit I would have farmed you as well. You can’t go to bed with gold “in your hands” sorry you had to learn the hard way…It happened to me a few times…I’ve noticed I loot the most gold when I attack with gold in my hand.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
IGN is the same as your forum name, no?

Well obviously you have not! I had to double check it, gold became lootable at least a year ago or something but for me I rarely obtain it besides wood/lumber so forgot about it

Yeah exactly! I guess thats the issue why so much gold disappeared, 100x more attacks than usual, it sucks! Well well should had sent it all to bank instead, will do it right next time!

well, then triple check it.
i was stealing gold way earlier than atlas elite released, so…
you can quadruple check if you wanna be more sure.

i am not sure what year you are living in but, we are in 2021 :point_up_2:

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Yes? But that does not mean all things happened in 2021 too? For example gold becoming lootable happened in a different year.

edit: aah you weren’t talking to me, just quoting me as a reference. Sorry only got it just now.