Gold Loot Suggestion

Gold can be really hard to get for players, especially at lower levels. It is just as crucial of a resource as food and wood in the game too, provided the player has access to atlas. I think it would be a good idea to add a way to see how much gold players have when raiding in normal battles (similar to the food and wood estimates). The benefits of this are that players without atlas elite will have a more reliable way of getting gold without having to attack atlas invaders (which can get pretty tedious after a while). This will help to close the gap between pay to win as well. The benefits of atlas elite are great, but $240 a year is far too steep for most. By implementing a loot estimate for gold it would make it so that free to play players can still compete effectively and at the very least make atlas much more fun.

No, it wouldn’t be a good idea, and I am trying to find the thread where it’s stated why.

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