Gold Loss and transfer issues



Gold Lost or Missing
Suddenly my gold atlas runs are not giving me any gold. Last 5 runs I’ve recieved nothing. Plus after sending 6 mil gold from bank to level a prim the transfer shows in ledger but never arrived at my hut.

It’s been over an hour and still no gold has appeared nor has the transfer from bank. I’ve force closed, I’ve rebooted device, I’ve waited patiently. I’ve sent screenshots and a ticket.

Nothing. With atlas going down for mainentance it will probably arrive right as I can’t get into atlas to use it.

The glitches and failures of atlas are so extreme now. Servers syncing, gold disappearing and many other lag issues.
Please please allow us to play a game that is running smoothly


Transfers are definitely delayed. Did show up late but eventually worked.


It’s been over an hour still no show


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