Gold lost during atlas updates


Everytime atlas undergoes updates and maintenance, players cannot use or transfer their gold before events. Losing gold during attacks because atlas is down needs to be addressed as a problem. Players work hard to get their gold and unless they are offline and atlas is active, should not have to worry about losing gold during atlas updates / maintenance which can take hours.


It’s kinda fair for everyone though as no one can use/get rid of gold. Those not savvy enough to get rid of it before Atlas goes down aren’t savvy enough to keep it :man_shrugging:

Edit, I mean, they did announce, wayyyy in advance that Atlas would be down…


I understand they announce it but at the same time, players shouldn’t benefit getting or suffer losing atlas gold because of a game fix / improvement. Honestly, our gold should be locked at the point they shutdown atlas because gold can only be used in atlas. It should not be a matter of being savvy enough to put it away before the shutdown atlas.


Well, even if Atlas were open, and you were holding that much gold, it would still be vulnerable to loss during regular game attacks :man_shrugging:

Moral of the story, don’t sit around with a bunch of gold on hand…


But I don’t trust banks.


PG won’t give me a mattress to hide it under…then again, I haven’t asked either.

Can we have mattresses instead of banks to store our loots in?


They’ll just give you communal mattresses




Instead of banks, we shall call them “party rooms” :wink::smirk:


:eyes: Big Brother is watching.


Party rooms is a good term for rooms with communal matresses :joy:


Gotta keep Lysol handy tho


What if someone would have been trying to level a primarch during the event for Atlas? Perhaps a reason to have some gold on hand


Agree. Everyone is in the same. I have looted and lost tons of golds today and I can’t do nothing. So :man_shrugging:


They did announce the start of the maintenance so you know when to transfer everything or use the gold.

Before, they don’t announce the start time. but now, they did.


well isn´t that the same problem with all rss? Imagine trying to level a dragon and Atlas is down and you sit out with loads of food (but not enough to feed).

Ok ok … there are some differences.

My point is: I agree that it sucks losing gold since Atlas is down! I myself lost over 1M Gold due to that.

But: same rule for everyone! if Atlas is down for everyone, no one can spend it. So theoretically I could try to raid it back (question is: what then? Atlas is still down)

My biggest problem is RSS transfer scaling: anyone ever tried to send gold to teammates? It is RIDICULOUS how little you can send. That needs to be adjusted from my point of view.


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