Gold mysteriously disappearing and bullhorns not working

I have submitted a ticket and been waiting for help but not getting it. My gold is mysteriously disappearing and I am trying to make troops using bull horns and it’s not allowing me too. I’ve had nearly 2M in gold disappear. Can this ticket please be escalated?



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Hope I’m tagging the right people


Thank you @OrcaFrost

You don’t have enough gold. The amount showing isn’t right. Visual glitch where sometimes after a run they add 2x the gold you earned to your storage. In the back end it is correct, so thats why you get the not enough rss message. And also why your gold sometimes “disappears”. Its just correcting itself.

Nothing to do with the horns. All about the gold.

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I had enough gold. I had 1.47M bfor I hit poacher. I hit for 700k plus and had 2.1M after. Then came back and had 1.43M

Not solved. Please help me :sob::sob::neutral_face:

Your initial 1.43m was probably 700k then. Sometimes it takes a while to update.

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I did 3 runs. All around 700k each. Do I have to start screenshotting runs before and after eaxh time?

May be a good idea :joy:

Did you get a resync restart between those runs?

Nope :frowning: this is the second time today this has happened.

Support could confirm if they would just check but I’m not getting anymore reply’s. Got generic one they’re sending to everyone. Then an apology for sending that one with a question, I amswered but have heard nothing back and now it’s happened again.


I am positive I did three runs but I will begin taking screenshots each time and pay closer attention to see if I’m being double credited :disappointed:

did u get hit lol

Watched carefully this morning and you were absolutely correct my man :wink: Do you is PG aware of this glitch? I don’t know if it’s related to the 4.80 update or not, my guess would be yes since I only started having this issue after that update. Regardless thank you :pray:t2:

Sorry Prince didn’t see your comment here. Been busy in game with war :wink:

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Yes this is an old problem. Seems more common nowadays though.

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