Gold Pack Creation

The ability to create extra gold packs out of reserved gold would be great for a few things:

  1. Ensuring it can’t get stolen in a raid after taking it from the bank, especially if you still plan on using it, and therefore refuse to put it back
  2. Having something extra and more opportune to fall back on later when you have no time to launch attacks on the invader base, especially if you previously had some packs but ran out
  3. Going to launch some invader attacks for any unrelated reason, but having a full supply of gold, wanting to save it for later, and wanting to add the gold that you’re about to get to your stash
  4. Being an obsessive hoarder with a prudent outlook

… and more.


I like this idea, and could do the same for lumber. Obviously there would be a cost, otherwise it’d be like an unlimited bank/storage hut for free. Maybe 15% cost, so need 1.15m for a 1m pack.


The point of having gold stealable is kind of to create a kind of risk. If you can just convert anything into gold packs, you might as well just remove the stealing mechanic, much simpler solution with the same effect.


I would prefer to exchange gold into bullhorns sometimes :sweat_smile:

Swear you read my mind because I was literally just thinking about loose gold being put into packs. Doubt it would happen but would be very awesome if it could.

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My issue with the whole stealing gold mechanic is that the gold loser isn’t informed of their gold loss. If it can be stolen, they really should add the loss amount in the reports like the wood and food

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I think its a great idea covered it briefly over here:

Package Resources

Got some decent feedback but was more normal rss driven…

Hope this one gets some love :blush:

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