Gold Primarch Changes?

We seem to be taking hitting from a team that does not have castles using gold primarchs. Has the castle requirement been removed? Is this a bug? Hack?

I am on a pirate team (Castleless as well ) and just tried to summon my gold primarchs and couldn’t.
Team that hit you may have had a castle a time of hitting you and then got rid of said castle. Player that hit you was on a castle owning team when hitting and as soon as done hitting you went back to or just went to a castleless team immediately.
Pirates are finding a way around the punishment that PG has placed on them for their style of play. This may be one of those work arounds :rofl: :rofl: :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag:

I do find it amusing that a pirate team posted this complaint :sweat_smile:


Curious about this too :rofl:

Actually, we keep taking their castles from them. Several of us observed live the gold prime hits and we’re checking WDscripts for their castles. I can give you the team name in game if you mail me.

WDscripts does take a little while to update especially with Castle turnovers as well as real time troop counts

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I am not sure why it’s amusing. We are ‘pirates’ but that doesn’t mean we hack this game or abuse exploits in the game. We just don’t have allies. We hit who we want and pay the price by taking hits at the castles we are holding.

I’d bet at this point we utilize exploits in poor game design less than 99% of the teams in game

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Perhaps you are right. Would it take over an hour for the update?

Yes it can take a while to update.

Never said you did any of that. But I find this post amusing all the same

While we are on the subject of amusing, I find weak teams that get all their stuff handed to them amusing

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@moderators As long delay in api updates may well be the answer, this can be closed.

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Thank you

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