Gold Problems that should be fixed

Some issues related to Gold are long overdue for some attention:

  • Why is it I can only transfer 229k gold to a teammate, but 541k food or lumber? They should at least be the same. Or the gold amount larger since I can store more gold than food or lumber.

  • When someone raids me and gets gold, why can’t I tell how much gold is protected?
    … or how much gold they took? If someone steals something from me, I should have a record of it.


Honestly, gold is harder to get unless you intend on upgrading something big… most people don’t carry nearly as much as they get food and wood

Gold protection is zero. The limiting factor is what percentage of the vulnerable amount can be stolen, which is based on the success of the attack and the number of people involved.

You can’t see how much was stolen because it’s hidden. I believe this is intentional. Just as they cannot see how much you have available.

Iirc a 100% destruction with three attackers will steal 60% of what is vulnerable.

Gold should never be carried by a player… keep it at 0, unless youre leveling a primarch or building troops.

Just advice.

If you steal from me, I should be informed how much was stolen. This is, IMO, not negotiable. I’m fine with them not seeing what is available, but I should be able to see how much was stolen. It’s just wrong that I cannot.

I hear you, but that’s not always possible. There are teams and situations that will mean you carry gold for a bit. Like waiting for an xfer to level a primarch and you fall asleep cuz it’s late.

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