Gold Protection level

I found the Topic that provided the level of gold that each storage hut could hold, but nothing on the subject of how much is protected. Can we please get an answer to that? @PGDave @PGEggToken

According to PGDave to a question I asked like this before, Storage doesnt give any protection level to you.
But I doubt it since I got raided many times, as well as raided others many times, I never got a full amount they had in their storage.

If it is true that it does not provide any protection then that is inconceivably stupid. At least give us the same amount as our storage provides.

I dont have an absolute way of testing this, or rather im too lazy, but prelim numbers show there is no protection, but a single attacker without wings seem to take roughly 30-35 percent of what you have. Wings make them take more

If he hits you again he will take more

You and Gox have pretty much nailed it. Only a percentage of vulnerable resources can be stolen (gold or otherwise). One will never take every resource a player has in one attack.

What’s the percentage?

It depends on the relative level of the attacker and defender. If the attacker picks on someone much weaker, they’ll get less (possibly even zero) resources. You can deduce the maximum percentage with a little experimentation in game (like all params, it may change over time, but in practice I don’t think that one has needed a change in years).

So that brings about a rather interesting storage idea that I’m not gonna detail for everyone but I’m glad to have some of that confirmed.

Now I’m curious! Looking forward to reading about your idea when it’s ready to share :slight_smile:.

There’s no personal storage protection, but if you really need to safeguard some Gold for an important upgrade or purchase, castle banks are at least “protected” by the defending Garrison.

We really really need to be able to see the amounts in the pre attack screen and how much was lost in logs


Yes and we really need to see the amounts in the reports on how much we lost.

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I don’t think most of the players in the game are aware of this.

There may be a balance issue for players on the top end, but it doesn’t really bother me. I mostly only get hit by players 400-500 and they can only take a small chunk of what I’m sitting on. I believe they farm down so low due to resource lacking at competitive levels (or inability to beat the bases)

On the same topic the top (upper-middle
Really) may be needing some adjusting in general. The max xp has been maxed out for over 100 levels, gold chests still drop 400k lumber for legendary and 300k xp for legendary. While I don’t think it should scale all of the way to the very top, I do think there should be a process to adjust these numbers as dragons and tower levels are released.

Then again this may be on purpose, but I should think some adjustments would increase gold chest purchases…

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