Gold shown in raid


Is it possible to have the amount of gold shown in bases when we raid others?
Right now, the current system is a hit or miss. You can get lucky and hit one base (Dreadnought for example) and get a million of gold. Other time, you get nothing. And of course no one wants to farm dread for their gold cause they will retaliate :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I flew 10 times and got lucky probably 2-3 times with gold (hit all teams that have beta).
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Thank you


anyone from PG care to respond please? @pgEcho @PGJared @PGDave @pg


This is on a future roadmap, but not currently being worked on.


Would like to see it shows up soon :grin:. Right now everyone is scavenging scraps of gold and waste lots of resources to hunt :grinning:


Its a one line setting to change in a excel table


Assuming it’s fairly simple to add a display for a calculated value, think this should be bumped up the priority list of new features. Not as high priority as useful beta banners, but not frivolous either.


If this is truly just a simple line of code, why can’t PG turn it on as regular resources as we know the game is moving towards world map now?
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There was a discussion on the old forums about this and I think @PGDave mentioned they could add the gold available for raids instead of the medals. Not sure what happened to that idea.


Oh. Didn’t know it. I joined a beta team a month ago so I didn’t see the old post on the old forum


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