Gold storage increase?


When can we expect this to be raised now that upgrading Drake pretty much costs rubies to get it upgraded? We can’t hold enough gold to upgrade it.


I agree. Its bad enough that Atlas is owned by the level 400+ players. This is one more advantage that they have (the level of their storage hut) which restricts our ability to be competitive.


You can max storage hut at lvl 260.

I’m all for upgrading storage amounts, but not everything is about high lvl players.

Since I’m not there (aka im years from lvl 400), I’d be quite unhappy if a level 250 had everything I had at. 400.


Sorry, didnt mean to derail the topic.

I do think the storage amount for gold should be quite a bit higher, but then I also think there should be a protected percentage (similar as food/lumber).

I’d also like an option where you can draw from bank.

Lets say my cap is 7mil, and the upgrade is 19mil. We have 4 island banks each with 3mil. It would be nice if there was an option to use 4x3 mil from islands, and 7 from personal.


The gold costs for primarchs to be upgraded seems to have been increase too - I have one level 2 sieger and a level 3 rusher - I don’t have the gold storage capacity to bring the sieger to the same level as the rusher. In fact I don’t actually have the gold storage capacity to get a middle tier prim to level 2 now according to atlas. Why has this been changed?? If your are gong to increase the costs you need to also increase the gold storage capacities.


Dave mentioned this before that this was coming. They were going to drastically increase the amount of Gold needed in exchange for the reduction in Time to upgrade them. The time to upgrade has been reduced significantly. And although i agree max storage of gold needs to be increased to make it possible for the lower level players to upgrade. I think it is a step in the right direction.


It should not have been increased until the gold storage was also addressed - it has put certain players at a massive disadvantage


Thanks, I’ve checked and the intended gold storage cap differs from the actual gold storage cap. Someone on the team is (just) now working on updating the game with the intended caps (this will take a little time as they have to figure out why they weren’t properly synced, test them and then deploy them … it’s a bit of a process to make sure nothing goes wrong!). Level 200+ players will have enough gold storage to max out bronze Primarchs (though those who are lower level, like me, can still make significantly more progress than now).

Unlocking Primarchs

Any chance you could take a look at the cost of the 3rd prim unlock as well? The only people I’ve seen with it unlocked are the ones who’ve bought millions of troops.


For now the 3rd Primarch slot is intended to be a very premium option. Eventually we’ll probably change it to be ruby only to better convey that, but for now that’s relatively low priority compared to other issues I think.

Out of curiosity, what do you plan to do differently once you have your third Primarch slot?

Unlocking Primarchs
Gold protection level in personal storage

It’s certainly not a high priority issue, agreed. But it seemed pertinent to the gold storage issue since the reason it’s so expensive is that it costs so much more than we can hold.

If I had 3 unlocked, it would open up some interesting possibilities in terms of the synergies available now between the units, to say nothing of the additional prims on the way. I mean, it all depends on the circumstances, but I’d bring a different loadout with 3 prims vs 2 in many cases–might be more likely to bring a sieger vs a destroyer, for example.

A better primarch UI system would make this even more useful. Right now the UI is an impediment to using more than 1 prim since there is no “move all” command and no quick toggle to switch between and among active prims.


Whats a bit bothersome, is alot of players have the third prime. Since at one point it was fairly cheap to get. Just the last update increased the cost from 23k rubies to 43k rubies…

At some point you could completely buy it with just gold…

For me a third prime slot would benefit ME as the player, currently one of the prime slots is dedicated to team protection, with another slot available I would be able to pick something just for me, without feeling guilty that my team is suffering.


Quick toggle to switch between would be great. We’d talking about being able to swipe the compass in the top right (left/right to go to the prev/next primarch) or little arrows that are tappable on the left/right side of the compass. Thoughts?

Gold price did go up at some point in a previous iteration. I could see lowering the price the third slot to offset that.


I think tiny icons attached to the compass would work, without cluttering it much

Eg prime slot 1, prime slot 2, prime slot 3

And the active prime is Enlarged in the center of the compass


Cool, I doubt we’ll have time for it in the next release but I’ll see if we can get it on the roadmap for the next-next release.


Like maxed to your lvl 200+ storage or average player 200’s? I’m 243 right now and can only hold enough to go to lvl 9 atm


Max storage hut at level 200 will work. Not sure what level hut that is offhand. You don’t keep yours maxed? I’m a bit lower level than you, but find that among the most important buildings to keep maxed.


Storage level becomes less important starting in the high 100s assuming you’re at a decent level for your dragons. For instance my storage level is 69/72 but I could do everything major that I can now (expert garnet legendaries, lv45 towers) with lv61. Max storage level at 200 (or 199) is 67

Glad we’re getting changes done. I felt really limited on my 158 account. Had to gem second primarch slot :frowning:


I’m 207 right now and have a lvl59 storage. My storage would be capped at lvl69 if I wanted to level it but it’s highly inefficient as it needs 42 days of timers each level and gives no XP. I’m perfectly fine with a 59 storage to max all my dragons and towers until they are capped.
Currently I can’t exceed 3,89mil gold so my Sieger is stuck at lvl6.
So I very much hope that I can level him much further once the storage capacity is patched. It’s only a Bronze Primarch afterall :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mine is currently 63 and works for my needs lvling towers and feeding dragons. As shimo said after while it’s not the most effective building to keep maxed unless you need it which I didn’t till you change gold requirements. At 36 days of speed ups per lvl with research for 400xp gain anything past lvl54 storage . As of right now emerald legendary take a lvl 60 storage and mythic 70 to max. I base my storage needs off of what dragons I will be getting. My first emerald ferga will be next breed ( no need to lvl storage for me in normal game play for 4-5 months when I reach mythic emerald .