Gold tier research line


In the gold tier research line, there is a research that will give a sorcerer a 2% chance (pretty sure it was 2%) to stun a building. Has that actually happened to anyone? The odds are so low it just seems useless.


Yes it happens as you already pointed out 2% chance so it won’t happen on frequently


Probably once every 50 times or so.


They changed how that particular research works. Before you’d either stun 0 buildings or EVERY building on the base if you happened to get the rare instance when the research kicks in. Now it only affects a single building at a time and it happens a lot more frequently than it used to, but that doesn’t mean it is a common occurrence.


It actually does happen once every run or two for me. Not sure it’s noticeable for making a difference, but it certainly does happen


I would say it depends on what tower got stunned :sweat_smile: Some of them make a bigger difference with getting stunned than others do lol


It should happen alot if u use hildr since that summon dragon has that flame of a warrior so it hits alot more than a regular sorcerer


I get it pretty frequently


Id say avg 3-4 times per run maybe, on a full base like invader and constantly using primary… at least is what id guess but actual numbers could very well be different.


It’s surprising but it really triggers quite often since they changed how it works.


Huh, ok…