Gold Transfers Vanishing

Is anyone else experiencing when you go to transfer a teammate gold sometimes the first one goes through and then the second one always disappears yes it leaves the senders account and no it never lands the support staff is kind of bad at responding to the tickets and Has asked for screenshots of It happening needless to say that is impossible and I’m tired of arguing with these guys every day when we are losing millions of gold is there some kind of fix or someone we can assign to look into a fix? Gold is already cut back and hard enough to get without losing a lot of it through transfers
Same thing one certain teammates go to transfer go to the bank it does I’m at them so then they have to transferred for a teammate to transfer to the bank then that gets lost

Part 2 why isn’t Gold scaled up to rss transfers an still capped so low at 229k
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nvm seems to be core game transfer and not bank transfer

“Better check the outgoing”

Yes this happened to me the other day. It never came back to me and my teammate never saw it. Luckily it wasn’t a lot but still it was all I had

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