Gold Where art thou Gold?

So new update huh? There are lot of oddities cough horrible cough decisions, but there is one that ,ok many, that grind my gears. This one is mining ! Yay! We get gold for troops and primes! but wait ! lets change that.
Now here are 2 photos guess which is before the update and after

Soo why did you lower the cost? Yes I’m stingy but that 20K difference ? More xp sure but we need the gold for so many aspects. I don’t remember reading about this change. As well as others.

Either I missed something or yet again my game is “gliting”. Oh wait never stops :joy:

Infrastructure bonuses per level have changed. In this case seems for the worse.

Already noted: 4.16 Atlas Bugs and Issues

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Scaling for XP, Gold, Tribute, Crafting materials, and Troop Training time reduction look to have received some minor tweaks so that the rate at which they scale are more linear with Infrastructure levels. Now all 5 scale along the same graph relative to their maximum buffs instead of a whole bunch of different graphs.

Crafting Materials, Troop training time reduction, and Gold don’t scale as sharply with lower infrastructure levels now, but bonus Dragon XP and daily Tribute scales more quickly.

The caps for these bonuses remain unchanged, however.

@AdorableAdohan You’ll notice that your XP bonus is higher now, which is in-line with the above.

Could you convince PGDave to do a post similar to this one? :pray: Or @PGDave if you see this first :smiley:

Atlas Team Bonuses Explained (v4.00 update) /poke box

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I second this request.

Yes I have eyes. I saw the xp and that’s great, but atlas is not xp, it’s gold and glory. You want us to have troops yet you’re now deciding to skimp on our gold. Thinks are starting to become impossible in less you use money 24/7.giphy%5B1%5D
The players give you so much opportunity to do the right thing yet you’re becoming eejits. Having a person sitting behind the desk with no experience in the game making the decisions. There are Dinosaurs like me who have been here since 2015 your baby days and watched as you fumbled around.
Listen ! Gold is the life blood of atlas ! Don’t come at me with the whole “scaling” things. You messed up plenty enough with the Tower Scaling. I had something and you took it away 2 at the front looks better than a 1. Look at your packs have for AUD $159.99 why? Cause it looks cheaper than writing a flat out $160. 200 gold is better than 199 cause it feels like you get more! But the jump from 209 to 190 looks horrid.

literally its all connected like a food chain. Gold is the producer. The base of all working cut that out and everything suffers. Give us troops in the daily rewards sure, but they wont pay for Prime upgrades.
Think before you leap, ask knowledgeable players !

That’s a fairly weak excuse for nerfing people’s revenue. Again.

More linear? Really? Looks like just made gold obtained less for the player per effort spent, just like we’ve been seeing for other rss. Seriously?!

Obviously the actual earned will vary based on your castles infrastructure, this data was based on ours, which as luck would have it I put together the pre 4.15 data and posted to my team on April 6 (or 8th) but before v4.16. Trust me, I’m sure yours was affected similarly but you probably don’t have the before and after. Like to hear the justification to us on this one.

Also notice run 21+ per attack constant also dropped from 7,253 gold to 6,615 gold. We are taking reductions every place they can find they can do so!

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The daily gold bonus multipliers are unchanged, which I think your graph helps demonstrate. @PGEggToken was talking how the team’s bonus buff had changed – it previously spiked high with just 1-2 castles and then grew from there … now it starts more conservatively but grows faster as you level up your banks and take over more banks.

In other words, nerfed.


Yes, weaker level banks now pay out less gold. However, banks are no longer level capped by their region … so you can attain the maximum gold bonus by upgrading banks on enough castles of any level. So every team has more gold earning potential now, especially teams with fewer/weaker castles.

With lvl 35 towers protecting it … score!!!

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