Gold1 - 1GreyGhost1 - 60+ (negotiable)

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Looking for Team (Applying)
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Language: English is preferred.
Time Zone: all damn day!
Played time: all day, every day. our members (officers especially) play this game whenever we get the chance.
Age Range: as long as you are old enough to hold a phone, and mature enough to take this game seriously, you will be accepted.
Elite Account?: not required, but it would be nice.
Dragon Roster Includes: as long as your dragons kick butt, and can support your teammates, youre good! one death gaze dragon is standard for most of our players. if you don’t know how or why to use death gaze dragons, we will teach you.
Highest Lineage Dragon: any.

we have recently had many teammates abandon the team, and we are in need of loyal players to fill our ranks. As long as you are active, participate in all wars, and listen to officers, you will be just fine here. we have multiple people level 200+ and even more people level 110+. they will be happy to support you with firepower and knowledge. we have 15 open spots, so if you are lower than 60, we will probably let you in. Message an officer or our leader to let us know you are willing to participate and be active. we hope to see you soon!

PS- our wiki is the stuff of legends. you can probably find all the knowledge on the war dragons forums in our wiki.

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