Gold1--looking for several members, we are very active, wanting to move up

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Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time At a minimun, have active status
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: doesn’t matter
Dragon Roster Includes: Strongest dragons preferred
Highest Lineage Dragon:Any

About: We are Dragonage02. We were in Plat but droppped due to lack of activity, hence why I’m replacing them. We also had a rough time these last several months because an officer left and poached 20 members. We have 3 open spots currently, and I may be able to make room for more if necessary. We insist on loyalty–no team hopping, leaving when times get tough, leaving for personal gain…). We treat each other like family and take care of each other in and out of the game (We have a line and messenger team chat). All I ask of my members is to have an active status, participate in all wars and events (if you can’t participate in a certain war or event just message me in advance and it won’t be a problem–i understand sometimes things happen that are out of our control and they need to be dealt with first and foremost). Everyone on my team has a voice.–Questions, comments, advice, suggestions, complaints, etc…are open to anyone (please pm me if there is a complaint). I insist on chatting as it helps build friendships and helps with game strategy. We are on auto-accept. Message me if you would like to join but we are full as I might be able to make room

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