Gold2 prim bug, so um... Do we get our timers back

Technically it is both the players fault for exploiting the glitched primes and PG’s fault the fault lies between both parties. The exploiters and the lazy developers. I’m just going to assume many people got away with this and are trying to excuse their actions. Heck I’m not going to excuse my own actions whether it’s me not understanding sarcasm or responding aggressively towards a specific argument.

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Wow, really missed that one didnt you, completely ignored the rest of the comment :man_facepalming:


None of this matters anymore. We’re all just saying the same things over and over again.

PG needs to man-up and speak; otherwise, may as well, close the thread.


Sometimes I’m not good at reading jokes at times even sarcastic one’s sometimes it takes a second or a third read to realize well it’s sarcastic like I just realized 10 - 20 minutes ago.

Agreed. We are all just saying the same things, heck PG never even went out and said that it was an exploit-that’s how little they’ve been talking here


Pretty much.

@DragonPunch @PGJared
PG has remained silent about this but they need to make some kind of statement to clarify. Are people supposed to take advantage of game glitches they find like this and be rewarded or are they supposed to not use them and report them like we were told we should in the past? Because PG is really sending a lot of mixed messages about this topic by returning rss and rewarding those people and has set a very bad precedent.

Again, not trying to be snarky but we need an official response about this because we’re being told one thing and then seeing something else being done.


It is sort of sad that pg is silent over all of this. Can we get a response?


I just saw this thread and was surprised by the amount of anger here. First off, I missed all of this drama as it was what 3 hours in the game (I’ve played 5 plus years 3 hours mean nothing tbh). anyway, a newly released shiny thing was put into the game, with errors. They backed it up and did everything right in correcting the issue (or so I know of) Thanks PG, S*** happens. no big deal. Like really, not a big deal. Then they what, give people the resources they spent back. Great, thank you. Resources are hard to come by. This all seems on the up and up. Then this great community of ours confuses personal resources with game mechanics. Dropping castles over and over to avoid Cooldowns is a completely different issue than using timers to level something beyond its intended point. If a new dragon came out and we leveled it beyond the current tier, PG would roll that back the same way. If we needed timers to do so, We would get compensated for it. Why are yall acting like this issue is anywhere near the same level as many of our current issues? To compare this to the forge exploit. REALLY!!! Shame on yall. Why is this even still ongoing days after? Submit a ticket, wipe away your tears, and move on. Cheers


lemme check on this! will provide a bit more context in a follow up post.


You shouldn’t reward exploiters because it seems like you ignored what you previously stated and made it look like you full on told a lie PG.

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The only difference is certain people exploit this anyways and ignore it because they know they can easily get away with it. Question is why should we be giving resources back to people who completely abused the system and the current state of the previous G2 system? People view exploiters as cheaters as well even if it’s not the kinda cheating involving hacking like in Assault events normally it’s still a very disgusting way to abuse a system regardless if it was intended or not.

If you don’t like what I’m saying that’s because I sometimes occasionally follow the flock of sheep here. So shame on the people who actually exploited this error.

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… … Waiting …

To this point (and others on this thread) we had some players who spent resources in order to get something for an incorrect cost. We essentially then took that thing away and gave them what they spent back (sometimes in an alternative currency). Instead of punishing all players for what could be an attempt to gain an advantage we chose to not penalize everyone - and fix the mistake in this way.


I think the approach PG took was fine Carlos. However the entitlement on this thread is overwhelming. I think a statement that such behaviour of exploiting clear mistakes in the game is not on will be helpful. Statements like what Jared used to put out.


I don’t think many people have an issue with not punishing them. What some have an issue with is that by refunding in a different currency you’ve essentially rewarded them for taking advantage of a situation.

I appreciate that PG have a conversion rate for diamonds to timers but as players many of us would love to convert diamonds to timers but never have the option to.


But again, you guys are sending mixed messages from what was said just 2 days before all this happened about not using exploits. Should not all players who use exploits be punished? I think losing the rss they used would have been fair but delaying atlas pvp and returning them in the form of timers which can be used all over the game certainly was not fair to those who didn’t use the exploit.

Again, PG is reinforcing this idea that using exploits will not only not be punished but may actually be rewarded despite the email and forum announcement you guys recently made.

PG at least could have sent out timers to everyone who didn’t use the exploit as a “thank you for not being dishonest and sorry you guys had to suffer delays” gift.


This solves it! Next time there’s an exploit-- everyone just exploit it til the cows come home! Cause this is now the precedent that has been set. Wow.


As others have already mentioned, the problem is timers are WAY more valuable to players then diamonds. Especially when it comes to progression, and ESPECIALLY at the amounts some players received. By converting those players diamonds to timers for them PG has essentially rewarded players who took advantage of a mistake in the game once again, and once again players who opt not to take advantage because they know it’s not right are punished.
I for one agree with scin and will now start taking advantage of any and all mistakes I find, and will no longer be advising my team against doing the same. I just wish now we wouldn’t have wasted all those temple raids not taking advantage of that glitch, since once again all the teams I saw take advantage just ended up better off.


This seems to be the takeaway message from this whole incident. Cheating is fine as long as lots of people do it. No good deed goes unpunished and dishonesty will be rewarded. Great messages to be sending to their players


Note to mates& self: See something to exploit … Exploit it & will be rewarded heavily afterwards !