Gold2 prim bug, so um... Do we get our timers back

Please give at least some warning before Atlas just goes live. #officershavereallivestoo


It shows you the time until bubble drop as long as they don’t change it. If they extend it, then you will be able to see for how long.
I just want to know before hand as well

So 4 1/2 hours if nothing else changes…deleted unhelpful snark

Sir… lol. If you see there is no glory needed, and we all very well know the greed of PG, and, how nothing is ever easy-- why in the world would you think, “This seems right! I’m going to level my prims. This has to be what PG intended.”

If they won’t even significantly decrease the rss needed in prior prim tiers, what logical explanation would there be for having a new fancy tier be free? We all know the purpose of leveling prims is that you have to gain glory on them.

So, I don’t care whom you are, anyone saying they didn’t realize it wasn’t correct-- that’s a blatant lie. :woman_shrugging:t3: It’s common sense.


Are you relying only on who maxed them? who only made a few levels still have them without any problem.

In addition, timer compensation is wrong, timers and diamonds have different detections in the game and in this case diamonds are much more useful on Atlas.


If you were willing to use diamonds to speed up prim levels then you would also be willing to use timers to speed them up as well in the future.

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It doesn’t matter if people knew it wasn’t supposed to work that way or not though. The monarch dragons weren’t supposed to be bred without all 4 dragons, yet you still could, and people still bred them. Nothing happened to the people who bred them, instead PG found a way to fix their mistake. If something isn’t working as intended, but it still works and hasn’t been publicly stated as not being allowed then there is no reason to expect that you can use/do it.

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I started researching my g2 trapper with gold and also had it rolled back. I’ve opened a ticket asking for the gold refunded, but got a stock response about the rollback and timer refund. Any chance I’ll get the gold refunded somewhere down the line when more important issues have been handled?


So, you go into a store and want a candy bar but there’s no price tag under the one you want-- you’re saying it’s kosher to steal it because the store owner isn’t there to tell you the price? Doesn’t absolve you of morality. It’s your choice to take a risk in stealing it, but if you’re caught, you’d be prosecuted.

While it is a PG mistake for not double checking their launch data, everyone knows right from wrong, and they knew it would be fixed because it wasn’t the intention. So, instead of doing the right thing, they attempted to get a leg-up on the competition? Still makes it wrong. And, once they were caught, they shouldn’t get anything! It’s an assumed risk!


You can use the timers to accelerate troops and primarchs, diamonds for everything in Atlas.

This is why diamonds are more important in atlas and timer compensation does not give you the same possibilities of use in Atlas

Not a relevant comparison. If you buy a candy bar for 99 cents because that’s what it was labeled as, and that’s what the register shows it as being them there’s nothing wrong. But what if the bar was actually meant to be 1.99? No one told you, there was no sign saying otherwise, and the clerk only charged you the 99 cents for it.
That is a more accurate comparison.

People who used diamonds used it to speed things up. If they wanted to use diamonds on other things they would have used timers instead. They can still use these timers to level prims in the future if they want to

But, that leaves out the actual issue-- EVERYONE knows PG would require glory to level them. It’s common knowledge.

Yes this is true but the diamonds used are still a greater loss than timers, they should compensate with diamonds those who used the diamonds and with timers who used the timers.
Plus they did a general count and not a real one, at this point they would do less damage to leaving the gold2 as they are and simply put a ton of glory to do with the gold1 to unlock the gold2 based on the level at which they were brought for free :man_shrugging:t2:

Saying which one is more important is opinionated and is different from person to person. The reason PG can’t refund everyone individually is because it would take longer than the 28 hours we already are having to wait. It would be a better way to do it, but it would take longer.

If this was true then why use diamonds in the first place? If you value diamonds more than timers, than you would use timers. If you value timers more than diamonds, than you are getting a more valuable resource than what you spent. Refunding by using timers is the best, and easiest way for PG.

If you have created damage you have to solve it to the fullest, you cannot make a general compensation and leave many players with fewer resources in difficulty.

Of course, the importance of resources is subjective but the greater possibilities of using diamonds in Atlas is objective.

Whenever there is an atlas error they compensate with diamonds, now timer.

Dude, come on, you know this isnt true and are just making excuses for something you got rewarded for. It would be one thing if people did it once or twice but researchng and levels primes 30 times? If you are getting G2 primes, then you know how this works and that free prime levels aren’t intended even if the game lets you do it.

PG has said before that just because the game lets you do it doesn’t mean it is ok to do it. That’s literally what using an exploit is, doing something you know isn’t supposed to work that way repeatedly to gain an advantage over people who dont utilize it and play honestly.
Im not saying it was something to ban people over but let’s stop trying to spin it, it was utilizing an exploit and there should be consequences (losing the rss that were spent to do it).

If a cashier at the store leaves their cash draw open and turns their back and you reach over and grab the money, you’re still at fault for doing it. They may be to blame for creating the situation but no one forced you to then take advantage of it. The cops would still arrest you even if that cashier gets fired.

I’d just like to remind PG of this statement they themselves made years ago about setting a terrible precedent.

That is exactly what PG is doing now by rewarding people for using exploits. Im not being snarky here, Im giving feedback as a player. All this does it tell people to go for it, that it is ok to use exploits when they notice them because nothing is going to happen and they may even get rewarded.



If people would have just not leveled being that it was clearly an issue-- no one would’ve wasted any rss and no one would be complaining cause there would be no issue. Patience is an option. I was very aware of the glitch and opted not to take advantage. Why would others be rewarded for choosing to engage in something they knew was incorrect?

Since some assumed the risk-- that’s on those people. :woman_shrugging:t3:

There’s also a difference in compensation package necessity.

When KW went so bonkers we couldn’t play the event-- that’s a proper reason for a compensation package. We didn’t have anything to do with the issue. PG was unable to supply a service, and there weren’t any other viable options, so they comp’d us.

If they release something and make an issue in a detail, and they attempt to fix it within a reasonable timeframe, yet people tried to cheat the system before they could rectify it, that’s not a reason to offer a compensation package. There were other options in this case. Simply don’t do anything until it was fixed.


Once you have decided to bring the situation back as it was before then you have to do it properly.

This is what I’m saying

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I leveled up my prims, I won’t deny that, I didn’t get rewarded for it either though, I just didn’t get punished either.
There’s no way to prove if someone knew what they were doing was wrong or not. I know people who leveled up their prims without knowing for certain that it was a mistake on PG’s end. There’s also people who could spot that it was almost definitely a bug and leveled it.

To me personally there’s no real proof that you shouldn’t have leveled these prims. It is not a player’s responsibility to fix PG’s mistakes. There are more instances of people being allowed to use a broken Mechanic than people being banned without being told something isn’t allowed. People could use ghost prims until PG said not to, and then Implemented a fix for it. People used the surrender/reconquer trick until PG said not to use it. With monarch dragons, people leveled dragons even if they knew that you were supposed to have all 4 dragons beforehand.
The fact that PG didn’t post the leveling cost before hand also gives people another reason to level these prims. There was no preexisting, or even current price (I can’t tell you what a level 29>30 upgrade costs for example as that still hasn’t been published to my knowledge) on these prims that you could compare it to.

Yes, the cost was bugged, but PG is working on fixing that. To me personally, the players who leveled prims aren’t in the wrong, and I’m not just saying that because I leveled the prims. If you see it differently that’s fine as well, as you also have a reason to disagree.

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