Good balance of towers by resource (lumber/embers/electrum) in 2021?

Are there common patterns or best practices in planning which towers to maintain, based on resources they require? I mean, legacy/lumber, elemental embers (flaks), electrum.

I am at level 444 (Abyssal tier), so I maintain 10 towers. 4 are flaks, 3 electrum (2x orrery + howitzer), 3 legacy (mages). They work well, but it feels like maybe I locked myself too strongly into claiming the electrum branch every season, which limits my ability to claim other nice things, such as a good number of repeatable draconic chests.

At higher levels (550+), I would probably have to add legacy towers mostly, like 3x lightning, because of the maintenance costs.

If you have no general advice, perhaps you can share your level and balance by element, and what tradeoffs do you have to make to maintain it?

Edit: Most people agree that the electrum branch is good to claim fully or at least partially anyway, and as long as I do that, three electrum towers are viable. Accepting the first detailed reply as solution to give some due credit. Thanks everyone!

3x lightning are still part of current meta, so this is a great way of building and maintaining towers.

The tower lines are perhaps the best ones to get due to the amount of timers you get from them.

Likewise with draconics. Personally if i wasnt end game, where mythics are needed, i would take dracs over a mythic dragon.

In fact i could have gotten both mythics this season as both are good, but i chose dracs.

Sometimes its worth taking a step back from a mythic for 1 season, to get the dracs that have enough resources to supply your following season.

But only you can decide when that is viable to do, due to your current roster.

At the end of the day, a mythic is just one dragon.


I’ve got 4 flaks and 2 electrum (howitzer and orrery) and seem to be doing fine enough at level 499. I do claim the tower branch every season for the timers though.

If you’re active enough you should still be able to get enough draconic chests - otherwise maybe getting only partway through the tower branch can be an option to get a balance between those branches.

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So you would take the tower branch for timers, festive for draconics, and ignore the 50% discounts? Asking to clarify because if you also take the 50% discounts, that’s 20 keys already, but not much left for repeatable draconics at my level of income.

Prioritise in this order. Get the discounts, then save rubies for end of seasons SS chests. Get festive and all the dracs. If possible get 1 or 2 tower lines.

If you struggke with getting all the dracs, you can always recycle them, open what you get then with the sigils, buy more.


That’s where my three resource-hungry electrum towers interject. But thanks, I get your point, and have a better idea of how to balance this from now on.

If you don’t have an issue with getting enough keys for a mythic, priority #2 should probably be good deals in the Trading Post. There are at least a few deals there that are better than any in the sigil lines.


Agreed. I should have mentioned this so ty for bringing it up.

After discounts save those sigils for surprise lines.


I’m level 410 and I keep 3 flaks and 2 electrum, and 1 orrery at “top level” I’ve got another orrery and 2 mages close to top, and a third mage that I work on as I can. Each season I grab a mythic, lately in the following way:
1st discount line: 6 keys
2nd discount line: 6 keys
Mission boost: 1 key
Cosmic Charge line: 1 key (first key is 5k sigils, second key is 10k sigils… math is easy)
Electrum line: 4 keys (good chests on the way to the 4th key, I usually go one prize past it to get more Gold chests)
Festive: 3 keys (then Draconic chests FTW)

Yes, this is 21 keys, oh well. I’m getting a bit worried about electrum at this point, but hopefully it dropping from Platinum chests will help that issue right itself (otherwise I’m going to need to grab fewer timers and more electrum from the Electrum line).

PS: At this point it looks like I could maintain another 1, maybe 2, flaks pretty easily, but I don’t know that I want them. Maybe instead of my third mage…?


That seems close to my plan. I think I will stick with the electrum branch and trader offers. Festive+draconics seem more suited for those who earn 150-200k sigils per season, and I am closer to 100k so far (including converted rubies). But I try to get the best deals and stay active, and my season-to-season reserve seems to grow, so maybe I will get there eventually.

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