Good bye war dragons

It’s been nearly a year and a half since I started playing. I’m quitting now. It’s been quite a ride.

Here are the reasons why im leaving. Maybe you could look at them and try and work on them to help future players.

1:lack off event variation, after a year, the event starts get really boring and repetitive.
2: the playerbase is corrupt. This I’ve the main reason I’m leaving. For one, when I say I’m leaving and game, people assume I’m dying and start making references to to how I’m so young and not handsome. Also he will demolish me lol
3: the game is a pay to win. I don’t spend much but ithas become way To hard to progress without spending.
4: the game is way too buggy. Fix your game PG. enough said.
5: I need to rebuild my life.

Thanks for all the sad times you’ve give me war dragons. Good bye.

Ok, bye. :wave::neutral_face:


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