Good invader farming dragon

I’ve recently got back into the game and joined a team with atlas and realised how underleveled my primarch is and I need a lot of gold to level it up. I’m currently in harbinger for breeding so any good advice would be appreciated

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Opes has a nice Southern Cross Dark spell so it’s really easy to defeat invaders (Harbinger Legendary Sorcerer).
Marianas has Freeze spell which again makes it really easy (Obsidian Legendary Sorcerer).
Rhyo has that Summon Hellspawn, just put on auto and keep summoning (Obsidian Mythic Sorcerer).
You can also Corallae, just put it on auto and plus it has the buff so it heals really fast.


pick anyone that has good aoe spell ,like lightning, freeze,stunt, multiple tower lock spell i think mytic scorcer in harbinger :smiley:




Corallae was buffed with a heal?

No, means it heals faster than other dragons between attacks due to the 90% reduction on heal time for current season dragons.


Cavalore is best on autopilot or any drag with a passive spell heal.

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