Good offensive and defensive rider for new player πŸ’₯

Hello all,

I’m looking for recommendation for rider to go for. Thanks for help

For offensive, Rosheen in the current seasonal champion line is great for hunters, warriors and sorcerers. Anja too but you have to get her from atlas first. Claiming her Anja shards wont help you if you cant get her and level her up in atlas.

Defensive riders you have no choices for, there are no options outside of atlas anymore

Go for the special branch atlas rider for defense if you can. Leilani


I’m active in atlas. I hovering 900k glory for the season right now. What would you suggest?

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That’s really good. I’d pick a defense rider like the one using different shards, or get blue shards in the atlas rider line and go for xandra, yeken, or anja/crom as a def rider

Xandra for the first offensive, maybe?

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