Good Place To Glory Hunt? (Level 79)

Hey! I was wondering where would be a good place to hunt some glory for a level 79? I was doing it at these coordinates -> X:242.5 Y:-171.7 -> but was told by another level 102 friend that I shouldn’t be hitting there. Where would be a good place for me to hunt glory? I also get my primarch attacked immediately when I put it on NML. Also how many troops would be best for me to put on my prim?

I suggest hitting at Aligane and only loading 3k a time on your sieger.

I don’t know if Sam is still adding people but he has glory trading groups you can set up with other people , message him in game to see if he’ll add you to one of the chats

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What I mean by set up is that you and the other person set up an even ish amount of troops and pick coordinates to swap at

There are several threads if you search for keyword glory and cherry pick from there.

Glory calc has changed but there are many data geeks (mean that in a loving way) out there who have posted helpful tools and info.


Must resist making an airport bathroom joke.

Umm, look for a glory swap partner? … <_< Must continue to resist making an airport bathroom joke.

Aligane is terrible unless you’re trying to level a taunter or a trapper. The lag there is horrendous and by the time you’d find a target to hit your prime is most likely dead

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Honestly i wouldn’t even load 3000 if you’re training a sieger. 500-1500 for a sieger, up to 3k for a destroyer. You don’t want to have more troops than others in aligane, more troops makes you a target. Wait til you see a fresh target with at least twice that many troops arrive, note their team and troop count so you can find them quickly in the prims list, then move in fast, kill, get out if you’re still alive.

Lag is worse for some than others in aligane based on device or maybe network. If it’s not working for you, you’ll need to use friendly swaps with a buddy, attack castles as sanctioned by your team, or scour less busy sections of nml for other people in your range.

You always prefer to get glory from attacking rather than being attacked because the glory formulas are dumb and defending prims are screwed: Win your defense? Few troops died, no glory. Lose your defense? Bad revive rate, and glory depends on which prim your opponent used, which you can’t control outside of swaps.


Enemy castles :man_shrugging:

And yep Henfon is right depending on Primarch as long as it’s a halfway decent prime shouldn’t need 3k. If you load up 3 chances are you’ll have to attack again or will just be wiped out.
Sieger 1k to 1500 works good and for destroyer maybe 2k - 2500. But these numbers vary depending on your prime
And how strong they are…
If it’s still lower silver one star then maybe 3k

I don’t like Algiane the lag is ridiculous but if you are going
To use it then try setting your home
At the neutral zone close to it, to cut down on travel time.


I have room in my glory swap gc for you. Reply if you’d like to be added :+1:t3:

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Yes please :joy:

And thanks btw :slight_smile:

Invite sent :+1:t3:

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