Goodbye, adiós, adieu, addio, arrivederci, auf Wiedersehen, sayonara, shalom aleichem, vale, zàijiàn

Goodbye my friends in the forum and PG, it’s been a fun filled 20 months. I’ve had so much fun playing this game, until I realized what a complete money suck the game truly became. I told myself if PG did not introduce changes before the end of the last event, I was going to quit the game and uninstall. I was very sad to tell my team mates about this, but they all understood, and a few of them quit as well. I gave them time to find a replacement before I left and I hope they have fun. However, I cannot play this game anymore. It’s been about 15 days since I uninstalled the game on my devices, and I can’t believe how much happier I am. I no longer feel the need to log in constantly and run token missions for ridiculously overpriced sub par dragons; I no longer get angry at how craptastic the sink hole of money Atlas is; I no longer get pissed at how little timers are available for upgrades. I uninstalled the game and I have to say, what a wonderful feeling it is. I just came back to say goodbye on the forums, and I had to check - the post regarding the vanguard tier for free is still not answered to my satisfaction. Oh well, I wish you all the best!!


Enjoy all your free time!

You did great! :+1:t2::facepunch:t2:

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