Goodbye everyone

I am quitting this game, but wanted to have a good bye rant.
I have several reasons why I am leaving, some are unconnected to PG, but many are.
This game isn’t the game I started with and while some changes were good other made me now leave the game after nearly 3 years.
First of all the saphire wall and the following walls. When I started this game gold just had come out and I was able to collect about 30k token a month. enough to get several dragons in an event. Yay. Now I manage to get about 50k and it takes me 3 Months to get a new dragon, and I keep falling behind. I think Pixxel or Canpuslifer once said that we shouldn’t get multiple dragons a months but one every three months is also frustrating. The Devine Dragons help a little are either soon capped or worthless due to not getting the evostones. We were promised that token payout would be looked at, but most of the time after the league change I got less tokens than before.
I am bored with all these repetives events, those I liked like blackblood or xp event haven’t been run for a long time. Megacoin instead of bonusmeter had only one advantage for me in game, no need to grind anymore. And the tiers always getting harder I remember an event where I got the rubies to get Darja and a year elite, while this might have been to much, I managed to get a legendary runes several events back which is now always out of reach even if I would want it. Hint healingstriker isn’t worth it.
Atlas looms ahead and while on the one hand I am frustrated I don’t have it, I am not sure I would like and I an glad I won’t find out.
All those bugs that makes playing even more frustrating: Now I have to restart the gane about 3 times to do an xp-run from my bookmarks because the game freezes. If I just want to forge a new timer, Wait one minute until the forge reacts. Bugs that hurt the players like breaking the runes on Tarrand and Sage are taking forever to get fixed but bugs that help the players are fixed asap. By the way being promised that the runes on Tarrand and Sage would be taken off for all and the nothing happens while people who asked support prior the announcement had taken them off just added to my frustration.
I am anoyed dragons I worked hard for are being nerfed or like just now grog is changed. Don’t remind me of the 144k tokens I overspent on green research.
But my last straw was Teamquests or whatever they are called. I came from another PG game to Wardragons: There were also guilds and quildsquest to get a new ship(dragon). Once a month the team would have 48 hours to battle an enemy ship and depending on how many wins you got the ship you won would get stronger. Paralell to the individual battles for this ship there was this guildquest where you could another ship, if 3 from the whole guild (25 persons )won fifty battles against the enemy ship 3 not 20!!! So PG should have know how teamachievement could work and promote teamwork and not just hit us in the face with unreachable goals for a green evostone.
If you are still reading: Thank you for you patience, sorry for any mistakes spelling/grammar.
I left my team to everybody can hit me if they like, feel free to look me up and get some chests. I will proably visit the account from time to time to keep it active perhaps you can try to contact me here if I vanish from your bookmarks.
Happy Hunting Fairyknight


Sad to see you go. Your base has helped me a lot in the game so thank you.


I can understand where you are coming from, and thank you for what you’ve done for the community.

But as with so many people that seem to quit the game, it’s almost like you’re scrounging for reasons to leave. PG is trying. If you’re getting bored, join a team with Atlas. It’s an entirely new game almost to explore and spend time on. And yes, the Sapphire wall is a big let down but it’s all part of the game. I quit at level 150 solely because of that, and a couple months later, tried again and came back to it. Glad now that I came back. Can easily list countless reasons I stay that outweigh the negatives. Good luck (don’t get me wrong, I do understand).


This is sad…you are my favorite chest farm by far. And another player…has to leave us…Because of what???
Sapphire wall?
Not enough time to play??

Mostly PG!! They can’t fix the sapphire wall, can’t prevent having so many glitches (runes, spells, events, visual glitches, war bugs), Still haven’t scaled egg token missions and … yeah it’s pointless to keep the list going. Why? Because it won’t change😠

Like fairy said, team quests can be a bit more creative and fun, instead of having 40 members to get a ridiculous amount of points just to get the plat stone.

If token missions aren’t scaled, why even bother going past hauheset? :man_shrugging:t2: He’s amazing and I don’t need any other dragon…other than OP Divines. Additionally, buildings (not your towers) at high lvls take a ridiculous 50 days to upgrade​:man_facepalming:And incubation take what…45 days??:man_facepalming:

Thank you, fairy for writing this forum and providing everyone with a chest farm that works for most players :wink::grin:


Thank you @Fairyknight1 for all you’ve done for us players. Hope to see you back some time! Have a Merry Christmas!

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No Fairy! :disappointed:. You’re one of the most giving players I’ve met … always eager to tweak your base layout so others could get a lil bit more out of it. Always thinking of others and wanting to help. :sleepy:

Yes, I agree that the game has been going sideways. But it’s players like you that make the game worthwhile. Meeting wonderful people that we would not have met otherwise. Please come back to XPfarmsLooseX1 and let the team event prizes rack up while you’re offline. The farm members don’t need to use you, there is another chest base they can use called PGKissmyASS (level 256). Come back. Please. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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I hate goodbye threads, you can complain without repercussions. It’s a rant!

PG is a company that tends to its players better than most. I come from other games, I know!

The customer service here is great, perfect? No! But who is.

Does the game have bugs, yes! I liked one of the developers response, Android has a limitless amount of hardware one must adapt to on a continuous basis unlike apple. I never thought of that. Nonetheless they are attentive and the moderators here are great.

You can go to another game looking for perfection in programming and corporate philosophy when it comes to customer base, but you will come up empty.

I read these complaints and I have lived through them with a dying game, I know! But what many of these complainers don’t know is that PG is a class company doing their best to make most happy.

There! I did my rant!

Now let’s have a moderator close this thread.


Well said @ChargerRT1969 I find myself generally reluctant to even read a the forums because too many people use this as a means to express their negative feelings and upset. Sometimes the complaints are real and sometimes more imagined, but they are soooo… repetitive.

I have played many games, and have stuck with War Dragons longer than any other - simply because it is well designed, interesting, and the management really care about the players. I’ve had my complaints, but take them up through proper channels, and always get a rational response. True, it may not be the response I wanted, but given the innovations of this particular game and the horrendous challenges of the multiple platforms, they do a fantastic job.

I’m always sorry to see a player leave, but 3 years is a long time to play this sort of game, and most people take a break because of boredom, rl, or something else. I did, but came back after a few months and love it more than I did when I started.

Thank you PG for a fantastic game, and @Fairyknight1 I hope you are able to come back after a break. We will all miss you.


Thank you FairyKnight for everything you’ve done for this game and player base.

Thanks for your base & part in running the team!

For the people criticizing the post, it’s a critique about the game/company practice that isn’t attacking people in PG (fire the devs/hire competent devs/other garbage). It even gives people fair warning about its content. Don’t read it then.

Granted, there are various other threads that can get pretty negative; this pales in comparison.


Maybe mobile game companies. Lets keep it real.


Stop it just stop it.


About the game freezing when going to bookmarks: This happens to me often as well, usually if I click the “Bookmarks” tab too quickly. When this happens, if you click to bookmark the currently selected base, and then cancel on the confirmation screen, it will then let you access your bookmarks. I don’t know if this what you meant by the game freezing from your bookmarks, but this work around is a lot better than having to close out the screen.

I guess that was a minor issue to why you are leaving, but hope it helps others. Goodluck with whatever you choose to spend your future free time with,

Goodbye and thank you for your base. I still have fond memories of helping others learn to fly dragons on your base.

Everything he comes up with has been well known and a frustration of players for months and months (sometimes years). Which makes it, what, a public announcement that he’s annoyed with the game (like the rest of us)? Don’t understand the need to make a post that repackages other opinions- there are solutions to many of his problems.

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Because it’s the customer that doesn’t complain is the customer you can’t save. Customers who do complain are a good source for improvement ideas.

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I want to thank you for being a great leader at the forefront of leading this XP base shift. If anybody every mentions XP farms you are always the first name to come up as a fantastic asset.

It will be very sad to see you go. I will personally miss you and your funny mails we exchanged :upside_down_face:

Take care and I wish you all the best

Mechengg &. MiniMechengg


I believe these goodbye posts are good for the departing player. Sorta like the last stage of grief. Some players are chiefly motivated to play for social reasons. A farewell letter is basically social curtesy. These departing players have worked through anger, denial, bargaining, depression, and finally gained acceptance that the game is over for them. Cut them some slack…

I also hear echoes of denial in some of the angry comments.


The topic is clear and obvious “Goodbye everyone”. If you hate goodbye posts, why would you come in and read it? So you could then rant and complain about people who rant and complain?


Change can’t to won’t. They very well could if they realllly wanted to.