Goodbye, War Dragons

I know threads like this aren’t very productive, but I would just like to say that after 33 months of playing, I have officially considered myself as someone who no longer players this game. I haven’t logged in for about a week, and haven’t flown a dragon in nearly month now.

Main Issues:

poor performance: on this device my game runs at about 1FPS on good days.
Repetitive gameplay: there is nothing in this game that provides any entertainment. Everything is a mindless cycle that could be better accomplished with an auto clicker. When the gameplay consists of running sand dry invader bases and running a certain event base nearly 75 times inside a week, there are better things to do in life.
Even things that should be fun, like the temple guardians are eclipsed by fact that to do well you must log in every three hours and be prepared to drop 20-30 mins then and there to do the runs. When a PvE fight has a real world time window, when you are (if you want to do well) forced to do something that is fun at a given time, to drop everything and play the game for a few more points, syphons all the fun out. Even when you have time for a different one later, the stigma that you have from your forced participation earlier kills it.
Before I had Atlas, flying dragons use to be more like a skill based puzzle. You would find a base you wanted to attack, then try to piece a mental puzzle together of how to beat it with the right dragon combination and added spells. Alright, rage kill dodged and storm tower down with dragon A, clean the kill island with dragon D with an added fireball, wrap up with dragon F with deatygaze just in case I can’t kill that farm. Then you would try to do it, with skill, not with a supervised auto battle run while you sort through emails. You would adapt depending on how the attack was going, the game required attention, the run wasn’t timed against someone else’s it was you, the base, and any defenders that were present. Now every run is either a grind or a rage inducing speedrun in which you gamble 2 days worth of troops.

There is nothing here for me anymore, I wish there was, but forcing myself to log in to click through a few runs degraded into just doing whatever didn’t require running a dragon, finally it was not logging in at all. There were no goodbyes, just a few mails that that asked for my increased participation that I couldn’t answer, there was no team for me to leave, they moved on without me.

Shout-out to the following teams:

Lions786: my starting point in Silver 2, even if it was for a short time

Skystalkers: my only other team without Atlas, fun when it began, gradually dissovled.

MythicDragons: A good team betrayed by its poor leadership.

ServesYouRight: A long time stay, one that I wouldn’t make agian, but not an entierly bad one either.

Skyphoenix: My go to pirate team, the one my account will fall into inactivity on.

I776: My favorite team, with an unfortunately unsustainable leadership structure.

BurntWoods and DreganRigh: the teams bounced between as I watched my activity fade.


Glad you had fun, even if it was relatively short lived. Good luck on your future endeavors. :+1:


Bingo - but there is a solution … go pirate. Otherwise the game is straight boring and mundane. Would love to see everyone go pirate in some way.


Farewell, Draix. I have actually played alongside you on one of my teams, and I am also currently on another team that you have in your list. It is unfortunate that you no longer find joy in the game, but it happens. I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors :slightly_smiling_face:


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That’s what she said but hey the messages has to cross Pg on why the game is dying the only thing keeping me here is seeing pvp as a gladiator fight with increase blood pressure and adrenaline and friendship

All the best mate. Many of your points resonate with me as well.

I took a 2 year break on this game previously for similar reasons.


I’m not quite there yet myself, but I never quit a tablet game that I wasn’t glad a I quit a couple weeks later. If anything, I hold on too long.

Well done, just gave notice on my main today as well.

Hopefully management finds a replacement quickly as i said i would stick around till a replacement could be found. That or i may just be kicked as i have no desire to even log in again.

It was fun long ago, then it was routine, now it is just seeing that PG can’t fix or balance sh.t. In their own game.


Hold my beer


Exit interviews are always handy.

This game doesn’t attract many new players so retention of existing players is important.

I think PG get a few things spot on.

F2P , E2P and P2W can all be competitive in this game. And I think that is a great outcome not many games have balanced this as well as PG have.

Paying money just helps you get to end game faster but you don’t have to spend.

PGs art department and graphics team are also exceptional.

We are lucky to have PG reps like Gal who care about the community and provide regular updates.

In my view where they could improve is -

  1. Better regression testing of new features to ensure they are bug free.

  2. Faster content delivery. Main game events are very stale and boring these days. In 2.5 years we have only seen 2 new events. While Temple raid was extremely well crafted the new crystal caves is lackluster.

We have less events now from compared to when I first started.

  1. Atlas is a cool feature but it hasn’t been built correctly. As alluded by Malik and others it should be built on the principle of escalation rather than defence / stagnation.

I am not contemplating quitting, as I still enjoying the progression to new dragons. But I agree that the game would benefit from a reduction in grinding.

Basic solution: offer some big bonuses that take time to renew. Kind of like the 10x bonus in Crystal Caves. Good feature. PG should bring that idea to other events.

I’ve been with a few of these teams, could have possibly been at the same time as you, sad to hear that they’re no longer operating.

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Im getting a bit close to quitting myself. Seeing them purposefully designing mythic warriors to be mediocre plus arcanum mythics being total garbage. Combined with the ever increasing unbalance between dragons vs bases the higher you go, there will basically be few to no dragons other than Xul (flown by expert fliers) that can take defended maxed bases for the next several months.

On top of the endless lag in atlas, the boring atlas lines, extremely boring events (Fight Pits plus all the down time during breeding and fort), the broken economy they’ll never fix and the ever increasing time demand, the game has lost a lot of its appeal. Primarily the thing keeping me around is friends and teammates I’ve made.

Props to you for being able to escape


So long stranger that i never met, and i never play with. I hope you didnt return to this game to feel sad,



It’s to help with closure too. This game means something of significance to everyone that plays, and making the decision to leave is just like any other relationship. Sometimes you gotta write the letter to be able to move on.


Thanks draix for your final intake. Just think about the incredible and increasing amount of players that leaves this game every day but more than that think in the decreasing number of new players. Shocking. Still PG is more focus on overpowering the already empowered and making! us overspending for something is already expensive without worth it.


I’m sorry, but I don’t how anyone forces you to pay?

Farewell Draix! Take the decision that is best for you personally!

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The only reason the game is still on my phone is I agreed to be a filler when my pal that runs a team needs one.

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