Goodies instead of bronze chests

Hello Forum,

since the start of fortification I am only getting goodies instead of bronze chests destroying monuments. Have already contacted PG asking for clarification. First answer was they made some minor account changesand asked me to deinstall and again reinstall the game. Still got only goodies. Second answer they asked if I’m using more accounts on one device or one account on more devices. But I’m using only 1:1. Looking forward what next question they have.

There is one member at my team having the same issue. Wanted to know if there are more players having this issue?!? I’m more and more fed up with this game.


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I love that you called them goodies👍
Sadly it seems like the only solution to is reinstall the game till it goes away. If you use the search bar there will be plenty of people complaining about the same problem.

There’s a discussion already going called rubies instead of chests.
I brough this issue up there at the start of this event and still no response.

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I will close this one, since it doesn’t make sense to spread the same issue among more threads. It’s better to concentrate it.
Well let’s see what PG will give as apology for this mess.