Got a but that logging out and in isn't helping

I have 1.0k out of a 1.0k points on this current breeding event and it will not let me claim my reword it says I have 1.0k points out of 1.0k points to claim my 1.0k point reword but I still need 28 points to claim my 1.0k point reword I’ve loged out 17 times now and waited 10min between each log in and still got the same issue tried to contact a gm and posted my issue and screen shots to their Twitter with no RESPONCE from the Twitter or any gm their giving my the stiff arm treatment and refuse to replay or help in any way what should I do anyone got a way for me to directly contact dragons gm or one of game creators

The points round. You actually have 972 points not 1,000.

The 1.0k tier is rounded deceptively, the reward is at 1050 points, not 1000.

The reward is actually a bit beyond 1k, check this screenshot from my mini. 747 points collected, and still 303 to go, means the actual tier is at 747+303 = 1050 points, which is rounded (incorrectly) to 1.0k.

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Whatever it may be, the notification that he does not have enough points is correct due to rounding. OP simply needs 28 more points.

This is it

Then just do as it says and get 28 more points. You’re making it way harder than it is.

Some people just don’t math well :man_facepalming:

Ha dont u think ive tryed i have spent 4k in tokens sence this pic was
token now i need 2 more pts when. The 4k is equal to 200 points but it only
got me to 2 away from the 1.0k point reword instead of GETTING it and cloes
to the next prize

Close the game and restart

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