Got any pet peeves?


Usually happens immediately after the answer was given… :man_facepalming:


Yes. Yes! YES!

Those idiot drivers where I live will match the speed of the idiot drivers in the right lane who don’t know how to allow traffic to merge onto the highway in the right lane. A 20 minute drive home takes over an hour if I don’t leave work at EXACTLY the right time to miss “those idiot drivers”. For reference, “those idiot drivers”, at least where I live, most of them should have retired from working at minimum 10 years ago…and I’m not kidding.


I hate it when people always steal my work at school. Five book reports, two technology reports on cipertext, and one health report on the Yellow Fever Arbovirus have been stolen from me in school during class when I’m not looking.
I also hate it when people threaten me on the internet, they act tough but in reality, they really are being a bunch of nut jobs behind a screen.
And last, I hate it when someone always insults me by how I look like and how I dress.

My life is sad and boring


Wow, maybe you should invest in a lock. :confused:

My life is boring too :grin:. To be honest, most people’s are boring. As for the sad part, it is a matter of our own personal perspective. We can wallow in the unfairness of our lives or look at our blessings. It’s a choice. :+1:t3:


I did invest in a lock. People keep picking it again and again


Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news but that will happen when you’re at work someday too. Some people are just tools…


Absolutely hate mosquitoes…and spiders


People who spend their time finding problems but never solutions.


We call those RPGs in my team. Random Problem Generators.


New methods to further paying players yet nothing for everyone else * cough * atlas-elite * cough *

Does anyone have a lozenge?


When people take my food without asking. Or when people try to steal my pens.


Oh, same. Touch my sweet potato fries and you’re gonna lose your whole hand :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:


Co worker at work stuck his grubby hand into my chip bag. I went full psycho on his butt.


Kinda of ironic to read this on this game’s forum :rofl:


Nah, I’m talking in real life. You steal this fat girl’s grub, you’re gonna be pulling back a bloody stump. Only people that get a pass are my parents, since they had to deal with me as a teenager. God bless them.


The misuse of “less” for “fewer”. Ex: less people, less mistakes :angry: It is fewer people, fewer mistakes. Correct: Less soup, fewer croutons.


What’s the difference again? :eyes:


Fewer is for things that can be itemized or counted: dogs, apples, soldiers
Less is for singular mass nouns: money, happiness, soup

If you can count it, use fewer. My favorite example is less soup, fewer croutons. Also fewer French fries, less salt. You don’t hear people use fewer incorrectly as in fewer salt, or fewer money. It is less which is so frequently misused.


:joy: I had to go back and read through my post again to see if I had misused less and fewer. I thought you were saying I had messed up on choosing the proper word to use :laughing:

Edit: And your sample of fewer french fries is crazy. I love french fries. Why in the world would I ask for a smaller amount of them? :joy:



No just my pet peeve