Got Dragon PG Takes it away

I recently got Anapa incubated and expedited got ready to RUN him and he was still breedable. I send in Ticket amd was told from reply that Anapa was in Egg form ready to incubate. I Replied no still says breedable. I get a reply from a different person saying No I didn’t get Anapa and they were very sorry. I took a picture of the guy before had told me. Now shouldn’t they credit me the dragon since I was told he was in Egg form from A PG EMPLOYEE. IF THIS DOESNT GET RESOLVED I WILL CONTACT APPLE SUPPORT WITH MY EVIDENCE.

Did you get your egg tokens or timers back? Not really sure I follow exactly what happened here

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Please confirm @SativasTITANS if I get this the right way:

  1. Anapa was hatched.
  2. The breeding castle still showed Anapa as "breedable"
  3. All of sudden the already hatched dragon just disappeared from your den.
  4. Support is inconsistent about what happened.
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Are you SURE you incubated the correct egg? It’s sometimes difficult to tell which egg is which. If you went back into your breeding castle did you have any “new” dragons? How about in your roster?

Edit: Could you go into your breeding castle, select the breeding tab then Kaiju as one dragon and Kelvin as the next and post a screen shot. Hoping it will shed some light on things.


He did say he expedited it though we cant be sure

But did they expedite the correct dragon? Did they get the animation of him after they finished the incubation.

Not saying it didn’t happen as described, just know from experience it is sometimes tough to tell which egg you are incubating base on the color and pattern alone

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