GowRefugees is looking for a few good players


GoWRefugees is looking for one or two players lvl 100+. We are looking for dedicated players, missing a war or event is not acceptable. In the hospital get your phone and win you got nothing better to do. You died today, tell the diety waiting on you your team needs you first. Your kid is sick, tell em to tough it out. I am joking, we understand sometimes life gets in the way but we demand consistent and dedicated play. This is the kind of humor we look for and the level of dedication we demand.

A bit about us. This is a team of players from another game. We started this together on June 2nd, and we have dominated every league and most events. We are deadly serious about getting to sapphire and will then decide on diamond. We war non stop, we play our energy PVP event to win at all costs. This is the level of play you can expect and the type of player we are looking for. Is this you?

We are a friendly group of serious mobile gamers. We require line. We have a website up and under development for assistance. We require English as our first language and many are US based, but we have player across the world so you are guaranteed to have support most hours of the day.

If you are interested please contact me via here or in game for more information. Also please feel free to visit our website http://www.gowrefugees.com


Impressive activity :+1:


I sort of feel bad for poor Marshall23; will he get the boot if a higher level player comes along? I have been afraid of my team better-dealing me since I started :yum:


If you are active and participate in wars you like Marshall23 will be safe. Lol


Marshal123 has been a positive contributing member so far. He has not missed a war and had placed well in events.


No we do not kick active players just because someone is bigger. We have all levels on our team and support with everyone. We do not allow drama and we do not tolerate non participation. If you are doing your wars and events, you are active and friendly you will stay with us.


We are currently seeking to fill one more spot on GowRefugees. We have been bumped up to Plat 2. Must hit all daily wars, level is less important. Please contact me directly for more information. See top post for more information


This is a solid team. We’re currently having a blast warring with them. Whoever joins them will be part of a rockin’ group. :slight_smile:


Thanks my friend, we had a great time. :facepunch::facepunch:


We are Plat 2 and open for recruiting again. Looking for a few higher level players who like to war often and want to help push into sapphire in the next few weeks. Pleae contact me here or in game.


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