GPF Update - Test Builds Distributed!

Good day, Dragons community!

A brief update on GPF status and progress: Our team has successfully been able to provide pre-release builds of War Dragons to members of the Gameplay Faction for feedback and testing. We are stoked that we’re able to provide this level of information to the faction in an effort to get direct player feedback on upcoming features / Dragons / Riders in anticipation of their final release. We see this as a strong opportunity to integrate player response before a rollout to the entire playerbase takes place. We want to provide this information to you publicly to be in the know about our efforts with the GPF and the intent behind our actions. For the first time in Dragons history, we have the ability to take player feedback for unreleased features ahead of their final release, which we hope will result in a smoother and more appealing launch when new content is added to the game.

Please note that the GPF program remains an invite-only faction, and GPF members cannot share any details about these tests until the content discussed is released. To do so would mean breaking their agreement with us and their removal from the faction entirely. We’d really like to keep these folks in the faction for their thoughtful responses and constructive conversation, so please refrain from bugging them about it. :slightly_smiling_face:


This sounds like a great step towards better quality control! I’m looking forward to seeing its effect in future roll outs.

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Say it louder for those in the back. :sweat_smile:


But are you getting feedback from all types of players (free, light spenders, moderate spenders and whales)? That question was never answered on the last thread before it was shut down.


well they want feedback from GPF who is able to access those future content. They also take feedback from regular players.


It’s from people in GPF, some handpicked some who applied. They may have been chosen based on reputation, skill, creativity, knowledge, etc. Their spending has nothing to do with why they were chosen and how much you spend doesn’t make you an “automatic” choice for the position.

and that is all fine and dandy. But a perspective from all classes of players is needed.

and no I do not want to be a part of it.

I commend the people in it for trying to help the player base but if part of the player base is not represented then that could lead to a detrimental impact on that player class.

I am curious…what answer would you be interesting in seeing? If they just say “Yes”. Would that solve it?


an honest answer.

but paying players playing with a free alt isn’t really a free player.

I don’t see how someone’s spending status affects their ability to test content.


Do we have to remake our base all over again because of new towers? Ugh but also yay! Cool new towers!

well i think they can copy paste your account there for testing purpose. or a dev tool where you can change the level of the building from 1 to 60 instantly. like the cog gear icon when they are streaming new dragons

EDIT: thought you were part of the GPF lol, but for general knowledge, this kind of test client has dev tools which can edit a building’s level and everything (don’t know what’s the limit since it differs from game to game). With some request or at least by courtesy, PG would copy their account and place it there so tester’s are comfortable with playing it.

No, I believe Crisis is saying that the “builds” are not yet released to the main server, thus are pre-release.

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Oh, so not towers :eyes: (I have no idea what it is actually)

A “build” is a development term used to describe a package of code that runs the game on a device. Your version of War Dragons on your device has a specific build that it is associating with. When new updates come to the App Store / Google Play Store, you are downloading the latest “build” of the game, complete with any of the updates and content provided that differs from the build which already exists on your device! :slight_smile:


Oh that’s bad what it means. I’m not very techy

I love all the stuff that ya’ll have been doing lately … our surprise gift, the red envelopes, egg token drops from the monuments, Chunk :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:, and now having the GPF testing pre-release items. Ya’ll have been been listening to us and it shows. Thank you! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Good step in the right direction

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I’ll assume the GPF is only involved with changes to the core game and not Atlas. :thinking:

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That’s a pretty safe assumption: