Graphic bugs on Android



This bug has been existing for Android users after so many updates.
I have seen people reported this on forum and I also reported this with ingame support and they closed my ticket after telling me to wait for their response
The bug not only happens in beta but also in the normal game itself. I just happened to screenshot it in a beta invader base
A bit info about my device so PG can narrow down what the root of the problem is.
Xperia XZ Premium - - - see this bug the most cause I mainly play on this account
Galaxy tab 10.1 2014 edition - - - saw this bug since last update and another one before.
Xperia z2 - - - don’t play on this long enough for the bug to occur but I assume it’s there cause it’s in the Xperia family

Please update us about this bug @PGJared and feel free to pass along the device info to the Engineers who are working on Android Platform

Game graphics going crazy
Crash crash and crash some more

I got this too. Suspect it’s due to poor coding. Just restart game when it happens. I’ve had it happen to me in the middle of a run.


And yes. Restart will fix it but I don’t want to restart like 5 times cause the game is showing this issue


I get this bug too, and quite often. Running a galaxy note 8.



I’ve always had that happen, Galaxy S7. Both wifi and on 4g. It seems to be happening less now with the magenta infused ickiness, and more with just the same areas not rendering at all. Like, I know which dragons are in my lineup but can barely see them, the XP bar by each is missing, etc.


Happens to me on brand new Google Pixel too.


Some new photos after the 3.71 update. Bug is still there


Trippy, I want that. Shoulda took the red pill, tsk.


Here’s the info of my Xperia XZ Premium. It’s on Android Oreo and the game is still showing graphic bug after 3.71 update


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