Graphics intensity

Guys, please tone down the graphics. I realise ur excitited to provide new content but its making my tablet cr ash. So pleaxe tonr down the intenzitgg of the graphucs.

Sry for the typos but seriosly tone it down


  1. You can edit graphic quality in settings.
  2. You can turn off seasonal skin (I did, since it cost me one run :see_no_evil:)

Anything else you need?

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Yes you right. In Games Setting can change Level Graphicals

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Maybe some rubies and egg tokens. 100k each, that would be great :v:


:scream: You asked for more than I ever have…

The seasonal theme has long been turned off since the last update


Low quality doesn’t really help unfortunately. My alt runs on a 2018 galaxy tab, not a speed monster but hardly crap, and some spell graphics slow it down to borderline unplayable. For example frozen tomb or prospero’s shields.

By all means keep them on the higher settings because they do look great. But it would be nice if the lowest setting would tone down or disable these effects to keep the game playable at low end or poorly supported devices.


I have equal amount issues on low settings and get warnings that i am not playing on default settings being why im crashing but if i dont have graphics low my phone heats up and crashes

And any of the umteen times i need to reinstall due to bugs it reverts back to super high graphics

You can play on higher (more enjoyable) graphics without getting your phone heat up, if you decrease the brightness.
It also saves battery life.

Thks guys i’ll give a shot.

I already play on lower than stamdard low brightness, i cant really go much lower and still clearly see what im doing

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