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Het @PGCrisis i have settings on medium with water, lighting, destruction animations and the others turned off.
When i have it set to high graphics the reccomended setting it lags.
I was wondering, is there anything i can do to get graphics back on recommend and still play with little or no lag and without long load times?

Im on Android
Samsung galaxy J36V

The way that War Dragons handles Android recommended settings is rather simplistic, just use what works for you (less lag/stuttering is better), even if it doesn’t look the best :slight_smile:


Its not perfect on medium, im fine with the drop in graphics and not seeing high quality water, High quality lighting which does make the dragons and bases look less desirable.

What i would like is less lag, i get like 2 second lag on some runs for hours even when i switch to my Verison Mobile Data at 77MB/s download and upload speed.

It would be cool to get Destruction Animations turned back on with no additional lag.

In theory i should be able to use max settings (High Graphics with everything on), since they are the games recommended setting for my device.
So im assuming my phone can run War Dragons on max graphics smoothly.

  • It must be the PG servers since my internet :signal_strength: is highspeed at 77MBps up/down which is 10x faster than my home internet is, which works without lag on several other games.

I do get a ton of Server Sync Errors on Atlas which might support server issues theory.
so what should i do?
Sometimes its unplayable, i cant stand low grapgics settings, it looks so bad.

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In short, I’m not sure that there’s a lot you can do with getting it to higher settings. The easiest way to tell that it isn’t the device would be to use a higher spec device on the same network, which isn’t all that practical for everyone and would leave the game on someone else’s phone for single device owners :see_no_evil:

I’m not sure that there’s much you can do about the J with 1.5GB RAM, when I’ve seen War Dragons take up 2 GB and sometimes 4 GB, when it’s being bad. PG isn’t entirely free from fault due to things like issues with memory leaks and other issues with Android (also just too much different hardware). Processing power and GPU might also play a factor as well.

For comparing with other games, you’d want to compare with ones with full 3D rendering, which is why some of the lower spec phones can suffer.

It doesn’t seem like PG distributes its network either, so physical distance from the servers also matters.

You can try poking support, but my guess is that it’d be the usual hard restart, reinstall, device restart stuff, which can help every once in a while but often not :confused:


So you are recommending i get a phone with more than 4gb of RAM?
There isnt much info on my model, i know the older version J3 and J3V have only 1.5gb of RAM.

What phone do you recommend that is both affordable and has decent Ram, Graphics and Processor?
If it can be a low cost phone when signing up and contract then that would be spectacular…

Affordability/accessibility can vary a lot by person/region. But yes, a phone/device with at least 4 GB RAM would likely be best, and then those typically have a better processor and GPU as well. You can try looking for higher end phone from the last year or two. The Pixel 2 is around $400 USD now. There are also certified refurbished devices, but I’m skeptical about those. There’s not a great way to match specs and prices :see_no_evil:

If you haven’t already on the J36V, you can also try ensuring that you don’t have anything running in the background in the app switcher due to it being lower memory and then always hard restart the game. Phone carriers also sometimes have garbage apps that mess with the connection. A reinstall can sometimes help as well, but it’s hard to tell.

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For android I recommend the Samsung galaxy note 9 or one with equivalent specs. In my 3 years of playing this game on android I have never had it run this smooth. My prior phone was a Motorola droid turbo 2 and it ran the game ok but there was still lag and crashes. The game performance increased drastically once I upgraded to the note 9. This game is a resource hog so the better the phone then the more likely it will run better. It will always run poorly on lower end devices.

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I guess ill have to go in Verizon and ask for a phone with at least 4GB RAM and im hoping it will run much better than my Current 1.5GB RAM.

If you want to stay with Samsung, you want to look for at least a Galaxy S8. I upgraded earlier this year from a Note 3 (which despite the cpu was better than the J3 versions) to an S9+. The difference in loading War Dragons and lag is night and day. It is still laggier than my Ipad though. A lot of the lag that you see on the phone is the graphical processing power, not the cpu or ram power. The lower-end phones cut back on the gpu power. Sadly, the GPU is not in the phone specs when they sell devices. You have to go searching for that information.

So if you can afford it, go to the latest model and flagship like the S9 or Note 9, that will get you the latest hardware. Or just bite the bullet and go Apple.

I’ve got the note 8 I run it fine most of the time I sometimes get failed to set up atlas but other than that not really laggy

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You should be able to look at the specs on all the phones Verizon offers in their myVerizon app or online. Sometimes you can find a good deal on a refurbished phone online if price is a pain point for you. Any of the top line phones you are going to pay out the wazoo. I know its costing me a decent chunk for the note 9.

Ill definitely try to get the S8, S8+, S9, S9+ or better, even though i know apple has great builds and is good phones ive herd they have less to offer for the price compared to Android.
I have always wanted one though. I found a cheap Iphone SE on verizon but it only had 2GB RAM.
I heard the ASUS Zenphone V has 4GB RAM at $240 and the Nokia 6.1 with 4GB RAM at $200.
I wish i could get the Samsung Galaxy Note9 but its like $45/Month and my budget is $15 per month for 2 years.
My old contract just ended and phone is paid off so hopefully i can trade this one in.

Yeah the note 9 is $45 a month for 2 years

Check the model on Wikipedia, just in case :slight_smile:

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I wanted to thank everyone here.
I got a new phone
Moto G6 Play
It has an Octacore Snapdragon CPU
3GB of RAM
It runs the game Flawlessly on max settings.

No glitches so far, no kicks from game.

My old phone would lag on medium settings with everything turned off.

So everyone knows this phone very worth the $129 price tag. Several Verizon sales associates and managers told me the best option I had was to get a $999 phone if I wanted a phone with 3-4GB RAM. They insisted there was no option at that price range. I found the phone online before going to their location.
I also got the phone at $10/month with only a $7 upgrade fee since I paid off my Samsung Galaxy J3(6)V.



nice find on your new phone :smiley:

I think it had something to do with the salesman getting paid by commission :joy::rofl:

Nice find on the phone. While I really like and recommend my expensive phone, I realize not everyone has the same budget. Knowing budget friendly phones that work well with the game is good information for the community.

Not surprised they tried to sell you the more expensive phones. I usually order mine online so I dont have to deal with pushy salespeople. If I go into a store to get one right away I always do my research first so I can shut down any sales tactic they try. They tend to back off when you start spouting details to them because they realize you’ve done your research lol.

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