Gravediggers platinum 4 l


We are platinum 4 league with atlas. We welcome all levels as we are looking to fill our roster. We are a casual team. There is no stress and we are drama free.
We have a sister sapphire team that players can eventually move to when level requirements are met.

We are looking for active players that want to grow. You need to keep your activity at a decent level. We would like players that want to play atlas. Atlas is not stressful. You make it what you want.

Participate in wars
Regularly get 3 or more event quests in events.
Participate in events.

Atlas access- no restrictions! Play Atlas however you like, or not at all!
Helpful and active team members
Friendly atmosphere (100% drama free!)
If you need a break, please let us know in advance.

We have auto-accept on. So you can search our team and join.

I’m an officer here at gravediggers and my name is Kaji

Bump up

Lol everyone says drama free so how’s this game this dramatic still :rofl::new_moon_with_face:

Good luck with recruiting tho :+1:t4:

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