Great flying or hacker

`The attacker on the second drag appears to have unlimited rage and the ability to attack islands before he gets there from another set of islands. He’s on the short island but destroying towers on the Long Island.

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@pgCampusLifer “trigger the bat signal”

You can check with whoever defended you. If they say something similar to replay, then it’s a hack. But I just flag the bat signal first to call CanpusLifer

It’s a replay bug, not the actual attack.

It was an actual attack on my team mate less than 2hrs ago. I posted it here to get a consensus from the WD community on the legitimacy of the attack method. Legit or not.

Did anyone on your team actually join the defend? If they saw exactly what was in the replay, then its a hack. If not, it might be just a bug in replay

In my experience with the replay bug it doesn’t show shots coming from another island to kill the towers. Maybe I’m wrong as sometimes my phone doesn’t show the shots at all but that looks like shooting from a different island. Especially since you were able to queue a few towers. Again I could be wrong but definitely looks different from my replays where it’s visually bugged

it never happened to me, but i wanna ask you something, in your video when your tower destroyed by unvisualized dragon, did it shot too? or just standing there unmoving. its unclear

Photos from defending


your lightning tower didnt shot, its odd. if it was an unvisualized bug your tower should fire still IMO. wait is that Noctua? maybe he used vine spell first, still possible. it was confusing, hope you got your answer

At first I thought visual bug. Then I wasn’t so sure. Now I’m back to visual bug. Reason being - if they were a hacker that was a piss poor job. Firstly - they left a farm behind - what!? - if you’re going to hack then hack properly! Also, it was Noc - if one dragon doesn’t need a hack that’s it…

Of course, I may be wrong and they’re just bad hackers… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Leaving this link here just in case you find answers… I have doubts too but honestly I have seen weirder glitches that weren’t cheats after all. I’m usually wary before calling anyone a cheater due to strange app behaviour…

That is a visual glitch. It happens on occassion. The dragon is actually flying throught the base, but on the defender screen, he got stuck at the beginning. I have seen it happen before, even with players that I know for certain are not hackers.

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