Great start to gauntlet - Points Not Registering

It would be rather helpful if event hits actually registered. JUST Saying…


Some do. You are just not one of the chosen few. The Force is not strong with you.


None of my team are the chosen ones either.


Kiss my :peach:… early drinks anyone?

Here too. Though dragons are healing and I’m still full energy after attacks with 0 points. Seems to be a odd thing to not see the energy disappear during event though :exploding_head::laughing:

Same here.

Edit* energy and IF showing used, but no points

Force isn’t strong here either. Energy is going back to normal but drags aren’t healing.

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Am I allowed to say “Yo PG pull your fingers out of your Atlas, and get this event working for the rest of us”?


Reset your game and a magic trick happens to your energy. Not sure about the IF’s

Already restarted entire device, but will try again thanks

No points even after restart. But at least after restart the IF are there.

Tag Jared or someone?

I could understand more if it was broken for everyone, but the fact that some players/teams are having no issues is even more frustrating.


Send an in game ticket. That’s what they are saying on the stream

3 people in our league have been able to get points. But other than them, no one else’s been able to

Ticket has been submitted :+1:.

I knew there was a issue I said something hour ago but support think there sh*t don’t stink and wouldn’t listen to me

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Sent and no reply.

All those chosen ones.
Installed the game again. No improvement

It won’t be instantly but they know. Give it a little time :+1: