Great start to gauntlet - Points Not Registering


An apology gift isn’t what we wanted.


We apologize for the rough start to the event, everyone. Today, when the battle phase started, many players were unable to earn points. Any energy or consumable (like Inner Fires) spent were automatically returned to these players accounts after points failed to register, so these were not lost. The team fixed this issue shortly before the time Arelyna updated this thread. As an apology for the trouble and to help those that were unable to earn points, the team will be crediting these players an apology gift shortly. Sorry again for the inconvenience, everyone!


To elaborate. I have players that used multiple energy packs and IFs. One gold chest only gives a chance of recouping one of those. PVP events regularly slowly update points due to high volume. My team knows that. As such, you grind through and get your points and stuff eventually. That didn’t happen this time and all you’re giving is less than used for some. Good call on that one.



The “apology” gift is a joke and does nothing to reimburse players for the advantage many other teams have, not only in team rewards in general, but also the fact that some teams will benefit from the glitch with regards to team ranking points, while many other teams will suffer a drop in rank because of PG’s screw up.

I would gladly give you back that “gift” in exchange for you removing the team rank points from team rewards for this event


I got an apology gift and it didn’t even cover the energy packs, inner fire and heal potions I used that were taken when I wasn’t getting any points.dont mean to sound ungrateful but how do speed ups help us gain back points in the event?


The advantage you’re r all crying about is so minimal. 2 hours is marginal over the course of 4 days and 4 hours with only 4 energy resets. It works now so i ust be grateful for that and move on. Team points are easy to make up with pvps since no pvp happened while points could not be scored. This thread should be closed now @pgjared @Arelyna


Not entirely accurate… energy was only returned if you didn’t use packs to buy super or mega coins. Those packs and the subsequent costs of ‘buying’ more were still based on those original attacks. I lost 11 packs to start and after points started registering I was still having to ‘buy’ the energy at the higher rate for the higher level attacks. The ticket I opened got the same apology, and when I responded stating what I am saying here, I got the exact same canned response. Although I appreciate that you and the other PG members deal with lots of crap from us, this was a slow and half baked resolution. The focus of the bug review appears to have solely been on just getting the game to register points, but the economy of the game was also affected as I noted and until others started pointing out that the fairness of the event was significantly compromised it seems like it never occurred to PG that perhaps stopping the event or delaying for a day while bugs get fixed… and those who did get some points were given gifts to compensate for resetting their scores… I suppose there likely are downstream effects and hard coding that would need to be adjusted that rely on the start and end dates, but it seems like a day would be enough to run a trace and find the code that needs to be modified. A safe pullback ought to be in place for each update, rollout enhancement, and event …

I apologize for the lengthy diatribe, but this felt nearly as careless and poorly handled as some of the debacles from this time last year…and many of us felt those days were gone and started enjoying and even spending again. As much as I want my energy packs back, I would much rather have this kind of issue not only be rare, but have a much better plan in place to either pullback or handle more holistically to mitigate the lack of trust generated .


To clarify off of what DragonPunch said:

Things like Inner Fires, Mega Coins, or Energy Packs should have been refunded shortly (within 20 minutes) after one of those attacks because it failed in our system. Not as in an attack that failed, but failed to even be an attack. If you (or anyone else in this thread) used IF / Energy Packs / Mega Coins and your total is not what it should be (i.e. they didn’t come back after a while) please speak up and @ myself and DragonPunch. We’ll take a few of these accounts and review tomorrow to see if additional steps are needed.

Unfortunately for Healing Potions / Dragon Health / Attack consumables, those are not returned as part of the failed attack.


@PGJared how about removing the team ranking points from the event this time around?


@PGJared… that would be appreciated, please review, thanks.


I’m afraid that one’s not going to happen. Sorry.


so you mess up the start of the event, meaning many players lose the ability to get gegen 1000 and 4000 points per (Conservative estimate) while can go haywire and your apology for that are a few timers, tokens and a gold chest? this is a joke right?


Tell support that they can send yours my way :tada:


applying for a post at pg?


These “glitches” have been a recurrent (and in many cases expected) problem you have in your engineering department. It’s actually quite sad.

If you won’t remove the team rank points, then at least, in the spirit of transparency, explain to the community what exactly happened in the first place (what was the actual engineering problem).

Names would be nice, but I’ll be happy with a just an explanation.


How crappy an irrelavant was this horrible apology gift. You knew what the problem was and you knew what wasn’t going to be returned from the failed attacks so why didn’t you at least put maybe some heal pots or boost inside instead of timers and tokens which have nothing to do with this event. Good effort though i guess.


I know we are used or being entitled to things and one could argue for paying players that it should be mandatory, but most of the mobile games I’ve played won’t even say the words I’m sorry or apology. I’m not aware of any of PG’s competitors doing much better.

Of corse I agree it would be nice for a little more respect, but it would also be nice if my ISP didn’t take maintenance windows without announcing anything. It would be nice if most delivery and repair companies could give you more than a 4 hour window to wait for them (and they never show up inside or). It would be nice if a rental car Reservation actually reserved something. As consumer if we continue to buy or use a product as is, we are accepting their terms. Most of these things won’t change until the majority of tbeir customers won’t do business without.

I like PG, they seem like great people who listen and who’s job is under the microscope of a large audience. They have the same day-to-day BS we all deal with at our jobs.

Feel free to disagree.


the thing is that I know how it can work differently. while the games are entirely different, the heroes of Dragon age team is a lot more communicative and when there have been problems I felt the compensation given and the reactions gotten through support and on forums have been more frequent and more helpful. considering that there have been issues with wd for ages that reappear frequently (problems with events) or don’t seem to get looked at all (repay menu on android only showing the most recent attack) the handling of this case (and others this week) are simply subpar in my book. which is a real shame as I love this game itself


@PGJared hey, I currently have a ticket going regarding my used IF and energy and apparently I never got charged energy, I can assure you I have, I had 116 just before event started and attacked the first island only twice and now have only 16 energy, clearly someone isn’t bothered investigating it properly, I provided screenshots at time when it happened also, if you could have a look that would be great thanks :grin:


I totally concur with him and Panda. When looking at the full time of the event this is minimal.We still had atleast 22 hours of the round left, energy reset. We are not owed anything for any glitches or mistakes. I rather take 1 gold chest, a few egg tokens and timers, then have nothing at all. If players keep complaining about this apology gift, the day will come where PG will say, “just don’t send them anything!”